Dear B2B parents,

This weekend the boys’ trip took place out in Escalante, Utah. We had our end of week intentions group Friday morning, where we went over everyone’s week and what we struggled with as well as how we feel we progressed. Once the group finished up we were briefed on our trip than quickly packed up since we had a long drive ahead of us. After many hours of driving, we finally made it to the trailhead of Boulder Mail Trail around 9 pm and headed out on a little night hike into the canyon. About a mile in we found a campsite to set up for the night, ran an AA meeting then hit the sack.

The following morning we woke up and set off further in the canyon. While hiking, about another 3 miles in we stumbled along with a beautiful massive alcove where we decided to set up camp. We posted up, made some food, checked out some cool petroglyphs then set out for a day hike further into the canyon. We hiked another mile or two than took some time to do our sharing is caring for writing. Post writing a little sand rock war took place which later continued throughout the trip. We went back to camp, made some dinner, played some cards then ran another AA meeting.

Sunday morning we woke up early and made a group decision to crush out of the canyon back to the van and try to hit another cool spot. We took a short venture down to Bryce Canyon national park, which is a beautiful sandstone canyon with fairly easy hiking trails throughout the park. We hiked around for a couple of hours checking out the amazing views and awesome hoodoos took some hitter solo and group shots that we hope all of you enjoy. I can speak for the whole group when saying that it was one of the most amazing places we have been to. Definitely blessed our spectacular guides took us there to visit another sick spot on the same weekend. After finishing up in Bryce we hit the road again to go visit a third spot, where there are massive toadstools. There, we shared our sharing is caring writings and gave each other feedback on them, followed by a meditation AA meeting. Lake Powell was our final camping destination since it was on the way back and closer to Flagstaff for a shorter drive home Monday morning.

Monday Morning was another early rise since we still had to run our community meeting than head back to Flagstaff. All in all the weekend was yet another 10 out of 10. It was filled with fun sober times with great friends and of course lots of laughs.

B2B Boys.