Dear beloved family,

To start off the four day weekend for the Back2Basics crew, we packed up the vans with all of the base camp necessities, then the guys headed north for another trip to the beautiful Escalante Staircase, located in Utah. On the drive up, we passed through the town of Kanab and grabbed some burgers from an amazing local spot called Big Al’s. A few of the guys found their love for Marshmallow milkshakes. With stomachs full, we continued to Escalante and found a spot to camp near the next day’s hike. It was at the right convenience for us to hike through Peekaboo and Spooky canyon narrows on the day of Halloween. The Back2Basics crew had to squeeze through a few miles of narrow passes, barely getting through without becoming stuck in some areas. After exploring the slot canyons on Saturday, we headed an hour back south to another area of Escalante to set up the base camp for the next two nights. With the comfort of the base camp, the group feasted on tacos and listened to scary podcast stories, fitting for Halloween. Sunday morning came around and the crew drove to a spot around 10 miles away to hike. The spectacular area the outdoor guides took us to explore was Hackberry Canyon.

After getting back to the base camp, some of the crew scrambled up a 500-foot rock tower which was an amazing sight to overlook and see the surrounding mountains along with the base camp far below, which looked tiny. We ended the last night with a wonderful meeting on the topic of gratefulness and left early the next morning back to Flagstaff.

Spooky Slot Canyon 01
Spooky Slot Canyon03
Spooky Slot Canyon02
Spooky Slot Canyon04