Dear B2B Parents,

This weekend started off with us staying in town, at the house on Friday since we had just received a new member to the crew here, along with another last weekend. We are stoked to have two new dudes added to this solid group of guys and they are fitting into everything great. Most of the day we were able to just fellowship while staff finished up the whole intake process. The majority of the day was filled with activities, getting to know each other, cutting up, jamming to tunes and of course lots of spades and ping pong. Of course, when it comes to ping pong there are lots of defeated and exciting times but it’s always a blast for everyone. In the evening we went to the fields with the transition boys and had a few very competitive games of volleyball including much light-hearted competition. From the fields, we headed straight to Harkins Theatre to see ‘Synchronic’, solid 7 out of 10 from the B2B rotten tomatoes reviews. Everybody always highly enjoys getting to go to the movies and relax for a while.

Saturday, we woke up and started to get everything ready and rolling for the trip. Made a quick breakfast, got briefed on our trip, packed everything up, cleaned the house then headed out. Sedona was our destination this weekend for a chill base camp trip, so it wasn’t too far of a drive. When we first got out there we did a short little hike in the West Clear Creek recreational area. After that, we headed to our campsite for the weekend. We set up camp, did a little brief on outdoor expectations and rules for our new members then jumped on cooking up some chicken pesto pasta “slop” since we accidentally cooked the pesto sauce it turned out a little soupy, although still delicious. We ran an AA meeting following dinner, talked a little while then turned in for bed after our routine bedtime story guessing game from one of our residents.

Sunday morning was a normal morning starting in the outdoors with the usual egg, bacon, and sausage bagel sandwiches; a group favorite. We got loaded up in the vans and had quite the experience driving out of our campsite, The road was rough, Which is expected while being in an “outdoor adventures” program. Later, one of the tires popped and all the boys hopped out to get it changed in record time, while some helped with the moral support. We visited Secret Slide rock, not to be confused with overpopulated slide rock. and did a quick hike to visit the sick Wind Tunnels which everyone loved. There we journaled for Sharing Is Caring then shared on our journal entries and gave each other constructive feedback. We got back to camp that evening, taking a different and easier route for our tire issue just to be safe. Winding down for the night we played a round of intense spikeball games which ended with a 2-2 tie still awaiting the tie-breaking game, to be continued. As well as more spades and hearts plus lots of cutting up. We cooked up some fire carne asada tacos and ran our AA meeting for that day realizing we can never be oranges and just have to be the best apples we can. Then, of course, we had our bedtime story for the night so everyone could get some good shut-eye.

Monday morning we woke up to the first super chilly morning of the season. We cooked up breakfast, ran our community meeting, packed up the vans, and headed back to flagstaff. All-in-all it was yet another amazing trip with the boys, filled with lots of laughter and good recovery.

Love B2B Boys