Escalante riverDear Families,

This weekend we took a trip to the border of Arizona and Utah. There lies an amazing area of Grand Staircase Escalante near the longest slot canyon in the world, Paria Canyon. On Saturday, we planned on hiking a crazy part of the desert named the Thousand Pockets. On the ride there, both of the vans got stuck in the sand. We spent the rest of that day digging out the vans little by little. Through this unfortunate incident we built a much greater sense of camaraderie and brotherhood. That night we enjoyed a meditation under a brilliant night sky. The next day we scrambled through the desert for a few miles till we got to the edge of the Paria Canyon. We enjoyed a good discussion and some fun exploration before heading back. Upon getting back to camp we set up camp and ate magnificent food. Later that night we enjoyed one of the client’s stories before heading to bed. All in all, it was another successful trip with lots of good memories.

-The Rez Dogs