As a result of a fellow resident’s family weekend and the arrival of a new resident, THE BOYS spent our weekend in and around Flagstaff. Friday morning, the group headed out toward Winslow to swim, dive, and sunbathe at East Clear Creek. The residential group was joined by our friends in the transitional phase of the program during this outing. Having moved to the second phase of the Back 2 Basics program, our transition friends were able to relay to us their own struggles, obstacles, and solutions pertaining to dealing with life outside of the residential phase. Though many of us are still several months away from this phase, it never hurts to hear the advice of those who have walked the same path we are currently on.
After returning from Winslow, The Boys concocted a culinary masterpiece worthy of a five-star restaurant or, at least, a hundred-plus-like Instagram post. Baked tilapia with mustard sauce, chicken grilled to perfection, and cayenne-spiced broccoli were enjoyed by all. The night ended on a high note; a meeting on the importance of spirituality and living in God’s will as opposed to our own.
Saturday was our “Fitness Day” and the morning started with voluntary yet highly-suggested push-ups, healthy smoothies, and a delicious egg scramble. The group then went to the gym to lift weights, play “Wallyball” in the racquetball court, and enjoy what we call the “executive workout,” better known as sitting in the sauna and taking a shower.
After the gym, the boys went rock-climbing in an indoor gym and our muscles, spirit, and teamwork were tested once again. It was an activity everyone enjoyed and we had to be reminded by the gym staff that our time had run out, but our day of fitness did not end there. In the afternoon, we enjoyed a good, brisk hike along Fatman’s Loop. The night was topped off with homemade burgers worthy of Gordon Ramsay himself and a meeting on the importance of “keeping a clean house.”
Sunday was what the boys call a “crush day.” The obstacle? Mount Kendrick. The mission? Crushing it. It was a long journey, a journey 10,425 feet upward to be exact, but the group made it to Kendrick Peak and enjoyed a view like no other. Before heading down, we ran our “Sharing is Caring” meeting and talked about where we are at with our Twelve Step Program, what we have learned, and our current reservations. The night was once again concluded with a healthy, hearty, and homemade meal of brussel sprouts, asparagus, and grilled chicken and a meeting on the importance of keeping an open mind.
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