Dear Family,

This weekend the boyz headed to the White Mountains of Arizona to hike around near Mt. Baldy. When we arrived the ground was wet, and sure enough a monsoon rolled in bringing plenty of rain for the backpack into camp. All the boys were rain geared up and prepared to trudge through the mud. We survived. The next day we went off the beaten path and followed a gorge to the Marriot a valley of pinnacles we monkeyed around on for a few hours. The view was beautiful as we spent some time with a meditation. After, one of the boys led the group back into camp. Famished, we spent an hour cooking some dinner or snacking before starting a group around the fire to describe the man we want to become. It was a nice night and some boys hung out by the fire while others, exhausted from the days hike, crawled into their sleeping bags. The next morning we woke up bring and early with the sun to eat one last snack before packing up camp to leave.


Dem Boyz

Young Men at White Mountains
Dog in White Mountains
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