Dear Families,

hiking O'Leary's PeakThis week we had an in town trip. On the first day we hiked up O’leary’s Peak. It was about a 10 mile round trip hike. We went to our campsite after the hike and did some journaling and cooked burgers and brats for dinner. A client also told his story that night for our meeting. The next day we cooked eggs and bacon for breakfast then headed out to hike Kendrick peak. About halfway up we stopped and did out sharing is caring group and discussed what we journaled about. It was a tough hike but everybody did well and pushed through it. That night we cooked steak and vegetables over the fire. After dinner we did a nice silent meditation meeting and hung out by the fire. The following day we packed up and headed out from our campsite and stopped to get coffee. Next, we headed to the park and did our weekly community meeting. We headed home after that and unpacked and cleaned the van to get ready for the rest of the day. Overall, we had some tough hikes but it was a fun experience.

The Boys

Young Men at O'Learys Peak Cabin
Young Men at O'Learys Peak