Young Men Hiking Joshua Tree Park

Hi families, this week the B2B family went to Joshua Tree National Park. The drive was 6 hours from flag to Joshua Tree, filled with laughter, munchies, and just a jolly time to pass the minutes. Upon arrival in the park we based camped 4 days out of the trip, and the second to last day we hiked out roughly 2.5 miles to a rocky cave area.

The 1st day we rock climbed from 8-2, the day consisted of sending and friendly competition to the top of the burliest of climbs, at night we fixed some scrumptious stir fry an followed with a A.A. meeting.

The 2nd day we climbed another 8-2 session, and as a group, sent up challenging climbs with no hesitation, after we finished with climbing we went back to camp to rest our weary heads for a few. Mid-afternoon we then went to grab some fine brewed coffee from a small roasting company out of Joshua Tree with a lovely seating area outside to enjoy each other’s company, dinner time came around and we ate pasta with meatballs followed by a communal meeting.

The 3rd day, was not rock climbing but repelling! Each of us promptly sent off the edgy rock face with major confidence, after conquering the peak the day went by smooth with a mellow walk around the gift shops and stopped by the coffee shop for another round of fine roast. Once done with everything, we headed towards camp to call it a night but stopped midway to enjoy the orange threaded sky as the sunset slowly started to retire for the night, after doing so we arrived at camp and cooked dinner followed by a fantastic A.A. topic.

The 4th day came too quick sadly to say, we collected our gear and packed up to go hike out to our final destination for the trip. When we hit the campsite we all set up camp, followed with a sharing is caring journal topic with meditation shortly after. Before bedtime we did a short scary story circle to add some spice to last night of our Joshua Tree journey.

Friday morning came around and we packed up our things promptly, said our goodbyes to the beauty that surrounded us and made our way back to the vans, after making it back to the vans we set sail homeward bound. We can all say that this trip was one that went down in our books for one to remember.      

Joshua Tree Park
Young Men at Joshua Tree Park
Young Men under Joshua Tree