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There are two major types of substance abuse: physical dependence and psychological dependence. So, certain people continue looking for their first high because of a past pleasant experience, and others develop physical symptoms – including weight loss or gain, shaking, fatigue, and nausea – but persist with their drug use.

For this reason, it’s crucial to learn to identify the signs and symptoms of drug addiction. Regardless if it is cocaine addiction, heroin addiction, or any of the many available drugs, seeking assistance and starting an addiction treatment program can assist in getting your life back on track and start the addiction recovery process. Remember, if you think your loved one is addicted to drugs, it’s vital to handle it carefully.

Useful Tips for Parents

If you have a child suffering from substance abuse, trying to deal with it on your own can be extremely overwhelming and can, in the long run, become your first and only priority. Furthermore, it might be challenging to take the first step since addressing the issue is disruptive of school and other extracurricular activities. Nonetheless, addiction is much more disruptive to your child’s overall life, and treatment can actually work. By taking the time now to seek assistance, you can save your child’s life.

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Signs and Symptoms of Drug Abuse

In general, individuals who are struggling with drugs have signs of the disease in all aspects of their lives. There are different symptoms of addiction, but some of the common signs of a substance abuse problem include:

  • Needing more drugs to experience the effects
  • Avoiding withdrawal symptoms by continuing to use drugs
  • Neglecting financial issues and family obligations
  • Continuing use of drugs regardless of the awareness of the harm it brings
  • Losing interest in past hobbies
  • Continuing to use alcohol or other drugs despite deteriorating physical health
  • Changes in usual eating habits
  • Changes in usual sleep schedule
  • Rapidly shifting moods

How Do You Find Help?

If you need to find drug addiction assistance, it’s essential to consider all of your options and select the most appropriate program for you. By using both inpatient and outpatient programs, people beat their addictions daily. The type of program you select should rely entirely on your personal needs.

For instance, a normal day at an inpatient facility may include individual therapy sessions, group therapy sessions, recovery support groups, skills training, and educational lectures. Inpatient programs expect the patient to live at that facility for a specified duration – usually 30, 60 or 90 days – of treatment. Typically, detoxification is the first step in this process. During this stage, withdrawal symptoms are controlled in a safe environment by professional medical staff. At times, medications might be administered to prevent or alleviate severe symptoms.

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Medical detox is necessary for drugs such as benzodiazepines and alcohol, which are linked to withdrawal symptoms that might bring on seizures. Furthermore, inpatient medical detox is common for opioid withdrawal, and this might be very painful. Your regular treatment will only begin after the detox process is over.

In the recovery process, an outpatient treatment program could be a crucial next step as you work to maintain your sobriety and improve your health. With outpatient treatment programs, you have the flexibility to continue to stay at work and home or attend school while taking part in a program. In general, there are different levels of outpatient treatment based on the level of care the patient requires. While some outpatient programs might involve a few hours of therapy every day, others may need different amounts of time across the week. There are different program requirements, so you could research the different programs to determine what suits you best.

Is There A Cure for Drug Addiction?

Addiction is basically a chronic, relapsing brain disease that’s identified by obsessional drug seeking and use, irrespective of harmful consequences. Although there’s no simple cure for drug addiction, effective treatment can assist you in staying sober. You’ll need to manage your addiction all through life, just like a diabetic needs to manage their situation with ongoing efforts such as exercise and a proper diet.

Although some recovering drug users will still have cravings for months or years, this treatment provides you with the tools you’ll need to have a better life without drug abuse.

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