Here is a raw and honest look into the sober journey of our clients. We have chosen to honor and respect their anonymity throughout this learning process. We thank them for being willing to share the highs and lows of working this 12 Step, adventurous program known as Back2Basics. Let their stories take you away…
distant snowy mountain flagstaff
Beautiful Flagstaff as the snow begins to cap the mountains.

Finding My Inner Self

I have a little less than one month at Back2Basics, but I have learned a lot about my inner self. I learned how to do things in life with passion and to do things to the best of my ability. I learned that in my sobriety I have to do what works for me and only me; if I start relying on people, I am pretty sure I would end up using drugs and alcohol again. I gained a stronger understanding of my higher power and started praying to him more in the morning when I wake up, all through the day, and at night before I go to bed. I also started working steps with my sponsor more diligently in the past three months. My sponsor and I have gained a closer relationship while working the steps and I wanted to tell him stuff that I necessarily did not want him to know. But today I can talk to him about anything that is troubling in my life now. I have had more life opportunities than I have ever had in life. I have some really good opportunities because of my choice to come to Back2Basics and get my life going in the right direction almost like a rebirth. I’m glad I caught my addiction early and I am not older because I really have an advantage over a lot of people in the program. I get to start a new slate in life and go from there. I am hoping I stay strong in my recovery; I tend to get anxious about getting out of the program and staying sober and thinking about what I’m going to do when I start my career in life.  
writing judgement in the sand
Clients working the eighth step in the sand in Mexico.

The Meaning of 12 Step Meetings

This is a blog about all the 12 Step meetings that we attend weekly. The meetings are one of the more helpful things in the B2B program. We attend them weekly, which builds relationships with other sober people in the community. The discussions in the meetings make me realize how bad I was and how normal I am within the group in Flagstaff. I’ve heard some really touching stories at Al-Anon, which some I can relate to and some I can’t, but in all they are very helpful to my sobriety. I found my sponsor at an Al-Anon meeting; he shared at a podium night on Saturday, and his share was really relating to my life. The first time I met him we really connected in a way that you can’t explain on paper. So 12 Step meetings were and are the most helpful thing for me in my six month stay at B2B. I am planning on continuing to maintain my sobriety and also to attend meetings as much as possible to keep gaining knowledge of the program.
north rim grand canyon
An accomplishment hike to the North Rim.


Sober for the Holidays

Today I get to see my family. I know that they are happy with where I am at today and they know I’m in a safe environment so that they can go on with their lives not thinking about where I am or what I am doing wrong. This Thanksgiving was the first holiday that I have never been with my family, I was pretty disappointed in myself that I could not be there for them on a holiday that all of my relatives attend. They must have been embarrassed that I was not there, and to admit that their son is in rehab so he cannot make it to dinner. I hope that I can prove to myself and the rest of my family that I am willing to do whatever it takes to not use drugs and alcohol ever again. I hope my parents will forgive me for all the wrong that I have caused in their life. I hope that they will know and understand the place I was at when I was using and the place I’m at now that I am sober. I am hoping to go home for Christmas to visit with my family and some of my friends. I’m going to go and do things that I love to do such as dirt biking. I hope to make amends to some of the people who I’ve harmed and treated horribly like my family, relationships, friends and even their parents. I’m excited to go back to my hometown, but at the same time I’m nervous as hell.