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Video, photos and words by current client, Joe V.

Check out video footage from the trip on our YouTube channel, here.

The four day excursion down a section of the Colorado River is a trip hard to put to words. Breath taking scenes take place constantly and the river both roars furiously and than lazily creeps. And during this trip some things can only been seen without a lens or a viewfinder. The river mirrors life in a way, it speeds up and slows down quickly, constantly changing and moving, often leaving those who are in it floating around haplessly and in peril. But with experienced teachers and guides, and a group of people who work together; watching each others backs and offering encouragement and praise the river begins to lose some of it ferocity and becomes less unmanageable.

Soon the river and similarly life, becomes less a sense of dread and more one of excitement and joy. We can use this force to propel us further on, we begin to enjoy it.

This was exemplified on the Back2Basics Colorado River trip. Clients who had little to no experience with river rafting were taking up the opportunity to lead the paddle boat and help steer their compatriots through the winding river. When an oar boat tipped over coming down a series of rapids, everyone worked together without a second thought and quickly secured the swimming passengers, using the skills taught to them by the guides. And than along with the guides were able to flip over the boat and continue on. Laughing and retelling the story all the way until the next campsite.

Laughter was a noise that was no stranger to the canyons from start to end of the trip. And in the struggle that is addiction it is key to be able to enjoy the small things,to embrace the moment with a smile on ones face. And when a group of recovering addicts can find themselves in stitches while doing dishes together it’s easy to see something is going right. These simple changes in the approach of things that might not seem so important are parts of a foundation in the building of a better, happier life. People from all over North America find themselves here for treatment, each with their own stories and pains. Personalities will with out doubt clash and even cause conflict, but as the group closes out trips like these it’s a pretty amazing thing to see people of all backgrounds united together sitting down talking, laughing, sharing a cigarette, or playing cards. Disregarding their differences and working together to progress, whether it’s down the Colorado River or the journey of life.

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waterfall cave in the grand canyon


grand canyon river from raft
colorado river through grand canyon


grand canyon and colorado river


grand canyon and colorado river