The following are journal entries from our clients while on a week long adventure to Hannah Hot Springs:


Hannah Hotsprings was very unique in many ways. The trip overall was a delight and definitely one for the books. It didn’t feel like Arizona at all, almost a tropical climate and the surroundings had a light forest backdrop. Laying at night next to a body of water that flows, it filled me with serenity and peace. The Hotsprings were not what I expected, but still a fun experience. What I looked forward to the most were the days of relaxation next to blissfulness of nature. The last day for our group hike was strenuous and not the most desirable terrain.


So far B2B has been a very positive experience. I feel healthier mentally, physically and spiritually. Our daily schedule incorporates exercise, therapy, meditation and other activities. We frequently attend AA meetings and it allows us to meet new people and hear there experiences, giving us a hopeful outlook on our sobriety and future. The outdoor adventures are well planned out and a blast. In my first month we went all over, I look forward to the rest of my experiences here. I’m really grateful to feeling better everyday.


On the last trip, we went to Hannah Hotsprings. It was a long hike in with another long hike out but, we were rewarded with time to relax in the Hotsprings. We were blessed with warm weather and sunshine the entire trip. We hiked along the Little Blue River most of the time which was nice and clear water full of wildlife. We stopped hiking for a day to catch crawfish and enjoy a fresh crawfish boil. Overall it was an enjoybale trip.


I thought this trip was really cool. Typically I am not a huge fan of week long trips, but this was one of my favorite trips. I really liked the environment. I loved being by the water, which was really clean. I enjoyed going swimming with the boys. We caught some crawfish and it really reminded me of being home. It made me miss home, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I think the younger kids need to have a bit more unity, they seem to not like each other. I told them this is a community, we’ll see how it turns out. I love the outdoor staff Bergamo, Aaron and Noah are awesome to hang out with. I look forward to the trips now. The Hot springs were really cook too, I’ve never been to one before. Overall it was difinatley one of my favorite trips.


I had a fun time hiking the Gila Wildnerness this past weekend. We hiked about 20 miles on the Blue River. Along the way we found some fun in hunting Crawfish to eat, making campfires and watching some of the guys do timed races up one of the mountains. We also found awesome spots to camp. There were plenty of struggles as well with the hot weather, horsefly’s and rough terrain. I feel like I get closer with the group of guys here when we all go through a common struggle together and at the end of the day we can looks back on it as an experience we can learn and grow from. I really appreciate havgin Alumni staff in the outdoors to help me with the overall experience on all of the outdoor trips.


This trip was long, hard and my back was heavy. I thought about home a lot. I thought about what I will do once I get back? where will I go back to? should I get my GED or finish high school? If I decide, I’m going to finish high school I don’t know if I can go back to Carmel High. I will be able to go to Carmel Valley High or go to school in San Francisco and living with my mom, who is also in recovery. If i decide to get my GED, I would like to see myself work on the farm learning my place in the company and spending time with my grandparents, learning what I can from my grandfather.