Overall the trip was a very fun filled experience. The scramble to get to the “campsite” was very adventurous. Was hoping for something more difficult physically, it still held a challenge for me in many ways. The land held much beauty at the Cochese Stronghold. We definitely stumbled on gold finding a campsite. Thrilled with the trip overall couldn’t have asked for a better group of guys and staff to spend time with. I took the role of Lead Bushwhacker, which I favored the most (definitely took a beating.) The land was vastly filled with landscapes of dryness and life as it stretched with large rock formations, all around. We spent some nights telling stories and collecting wood for our fires. Our day hikes were a scramble to find the trail and then even more of a scramble. The hike back to basecamp was very laid back and lax. Downhill scramble filled with more adventure. There was less bushwhacking on the way down which bummed me out a little, but still a thrill. Once we hit the camp on the last day, we had a short rest. We then ventured to Denny’s for a complimentary dinner. It was definitely much needed after a week filled with lots of bushwhacking, scrambling, climbing and watching people crumble in hilarious ways.

Client Journal – Dexter G.