Soon after arriving at our basecamp at the Chiricahua State Park, we realized we would have to switch up our weeklong plans and improvise. Our first hike we took a leisure walk through the breathtaking view of the Chiricahua mountains. Our second day Aaron made an ambitious decision to backpack up a scramble at Cochise Stronghold. Our positive spirits took some beatings as we whacked up the wilderness rocky terrain in the attempt to find a manageable campsite. Every step had to be carefully placed in order to avoid falling into the stream and getting smacked by the low hanging branches. Once we finally found a Campsite, we were all beatdown and exhausted.  The following day was a similar story, once we returned to camp, we were all happy to have some free time to relax and play some spades. On our final day of hiking, we made it out of the wilderness back to Cochise campgrounds. Overall, the trip was a spontaneous scramble filled with memorable moments and many bruises/scratches.

Client Journal – Carter C