Back 2 Basics, a long term drug and alcohol rehabilitation center for young men that is offering a new approach offering help to prescription drug addiction help.


Back2Basics, a long term drug addiction treatment center is offering a new approach to the treatment of young men with drug and alcohol addiction. Back2Basics is proud to announce another international client all the way from England. John had been in seven or eight treatment programs back home in England, a track record he chalks up to a “lack of taking it seriously. I’d get myself patched up at prescription drug rehab and head back into battle,” he said. But heroin, alcohol and crack were daunting opponents. About a month before John landed at Back2Basics, he’d started another spree. Now this young man has six months of sobriety after trying Back2Basics new approach with drug addiction help.

“I ended up on the streets of London. I was desperate for things to change,” he remembers. He says he nearly died; at one point he was physically unresponsive. His brother convinced him to go into detox one more time. And his Dad had been in touch with the staff at Back2Basics folks. John was just desperate enough to give the program a try. So, John entered a young adult treatment program that uses the outdoors in conjunction with drug and alcohol treatment.

He arrived at the Phoenix airport in the late spring, and he was in only marginally better physical shape than when he went into prescription drug detox. He says he had “sunken-in cheeks” and was ghostly white. “I was 20 pounds lighter. I was disgusting looking,” he added. He was also still detoxing, jetlagged, depressed and having to meet the new group of people who would be his recovery partners for the next three to six months.

“He didn’t look like he was doing too well,” remembers Samuel, another resident. “But I was told I looked awful too when I first came in.”

John said things began to turn around for him when he started working with a sponsor and taking his program seriously. Wilderness programs, young adults would seem like a vacation, but for John it was the beginning to his recovery. He struggles with how to make up for lost time, and whether to finish his stalled-out engineering degree in the States, or take his time, get a job, and focus on his recovery.

He says in England, treatment programs were hospital-based, “more like a psychiatric hospital with an addiction ward. You’re mixed in with eating disorders, bipolar people.“

He’s benefited from the change of environment in the States, and the less clinical approach at Back2Basics has suited him well. And he particularly appreciates the outdoor component and the opportunities to get fit; his physical condition had deteriorated in the past few years. In particular, a recent river trip in the Grand Canyon made him feel fortunate to be living across the world and participating in healthy adventures.

“It made me feel insignificant in the bigger picture of things,” he said. “It takes you out of yourself; it takes you out of self will.”

Ultimately, he says, he’s glad he took the chance to cross the Atlantic for his recovery. “I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it’s been to integrate myself over here,” he says. As for his family, “They’re pleased with the way things are going. They’re happy I’m someplace safe.”