Before getting to Back 2 Basics I was powerless over drugs and alcohol. I would use and drink every day just to feel normal. I originally came to Back 2 Basics very reluctantly. I had just finished a 30 day rehab and had no intention of staying sober. In my mind the hard drugs were the problem not weed and alcohol. I OD’ed so in my mind it wasn’t weed and alcohol that gave me problems it was the harder stuff that made my life unmanageable. What I didn’t know before coming was that drugs like that would just spark my addiction right back to where i was before rehab. When I came to Back 2 Basics I was greeted with the sense of love and community I had been searching for in drugs since middle school. So after talking with the guys and hearing their stories, I decided to give it the old college try. Between cooking, exercise, yoga, outdoor adventures, and therapy work, I was given the framework of how I live my life today. We can’t do this thing alone and living with other guys going through the same struggles as I was, has a way of building healthy and supportive relationships that I didn’t think I wanted. Needless to say, it is because of these relationships that I am where I’m at today. Living life clean and sober can definitely be hard and frustrating but through the community I came into at Back 2 Basics I have an endless amount of care and support surrounding me as I go through this journey.


Young Men and Saguaro