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The uncontrolled use of drugs or alcohol can bring significant problems to people. They are affected physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Also, they suffer from various family, social, academic, and work-related difficulties. Once the problem is recognized, it is vital to seek specialized help.

One of the best alternatives to overcome addiction is to enter one of the top adventure drug and alcohol rehab programs. Among the different alternatives you will find, no option will surpass Back 2 Basics. You should get to know us better, so you will know why we are your best option for a Bayview recovery.

Why Choose Back 2 Basics?

2 Programs for Sober Living

Back 2 Basics offers the best adventure wilderness therapy for addiction treatment. This is an outdoor program that allows participants to gain new experiences through a variety of wilderness activities. Each of the activities has a therapeutic purpose that allows participants to acquire healthy tools and knowledge by living the experience. After the program, the graduates leave free of their old negative habits. Additionally, we offer our optional Beyond the Basics program, which prepares our graduates to face real life.

The Best Mix of Therapies

Our adventure treatment for addiction program goes far beyond experiential therapeutic activities. The Back 2 Basics approach additionally accompanies the treatment with counseling therapies and a detailed study of the 12-step program. Besides, we use the most effective traditional and alternative therapy techniques to provide participants with everything they need to achieve sobriety. All of these therapies allow clients to free themselves from painful past experiences, and to learn about and avoid the different triggers that set off the compulsion to use drugs or alcohol.

A Staff That Helps From Experience

We have assembled the best staff of therapists and clinicians to help our participants overcome their addiction. They are all licensed, certified, and have vast experience in addiction treatment. But also, unlike other wilderness and adventure drug rehabs, many of our staff have lived through the terrors of addiction themselves. This allows them to fully understand our clients and provide the help that goes beyond the professional, maximizing results.

6 Months for Optimal Results

Most traditional rehabs offer their clients 30-day programs, which usually do not yield the expected results. On the other hand, our wilderness therapy rehab for men lasts 6 months, since we rely on studies and evidence to ensure that to achieve significant results, the addict must remain away from his usual environment for at least 3 months.

An Exceptional Location

Back 2 Basics is located in Flagstaff Arizona, the ideal location for excellent recovery. Here participants find a peaceful and calming environment, which allows them to find the perfect balance with nature, and an ideal balance of mind, body, and spirit.

Get Top Bayview Recovery

If you are determined to break free from the chains of addiction and lead a full and happy life, Back 2 Basics is your best choice. Let the real experts help you live a useful and productive life free from drugs and alcohol. Call us and learn more about our treatment program.

Bayview Recovery

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