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Back2Basics is up to a six month outdoor adventure recovery program for young adult males, from 18-35, with substance abuse issues looking for a positive and meaningful life. In our program clients are exposed to a weekly combination of wilderness and addiction treatment program that have proven to be successful in recovery.

Our Outdoor Adventure Recovery program focuses on spending time in nature where minds are cleared and bodies are physically challenged. There, clients experience a variety of adventures—from mountain biking and snowboarding to surfing and river rafting—that challenge them both mentally and physically. In the outdoor program, after scaling cliffs and concurring mountains, we have found clients are left with a renewed sense of self and are empowered to be their best. This inherently leads to elevated self-confidence, improved life skills and, often times, a different outlook on life.

The addiction treatment program component is truly about going back to the basics and practicing simple life skills. Addiction treatment life provides clients the opportunity to participate in therapeutic individual and group counseling, 12- step meetings, recreational activities, nutritional/culinary classes and community integration.  Each element allows clients time and space to get comfortable in their own sobriety and practice living in recovery.

A six-month program ensures the client have time to get into a sober routine, make healthy life decisions, build strong male friendships, learn how to step out of their comfort zone and face their fears while having the support necessary to stay on the road to long term recovery.

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Back2Basics Program

Program Duration

Back2Basics offers up to 6 months of addiction treatment living program.


Men ages 18-35 years old.


Clients’ candidates are evaluated to see if they are the best fit for the program and to meet our specific program demographics, as well as ensuring that Back2Basics is the right addiction and recovery treatment program for them. Please review our admissions process and fill out the application for our review to determine next best steps. (See Admissions Process)

Program Foundation

Back2Basics is founded upon three components critical to creating change and sustaining in long-term sobriety.


Back2Basics clients participate in individual and group therapeutic counseling.

Outdoor Adventure

Back2Basics clients participate in wilderness adventures 3-4 days per week.

Addiction Treatment Living

6-month addiction treatment living program going back to the basics and practicing simple life skills.

Addiction Treatment

Back2Basics has a beautiful campus home that is separate from our transitional program Beyond The Basics. We do integrate some activities with the Beyond the Basics group throughout the week (dinner, group discussions, etc.) to provide for mentoring opportunities as well as provide an opportunity for our B2B group to realize the continued progress of others walking in similar shoes as they ‘learn’ from the Beyond the Basics transition group. It can be done. The addiction treatment living within the Back2Basics program is a more structured environment to nurture our clients back to basic simple and real life.  (See our Weekly Schedule for more detail and take a Virtual Tour).

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Monthly Family Weekend Workshop

Once a month, Back2Basics opens up their home to host a 3-day ‘Family Weekend Workshop’ where parents from across the country are invited to be part of their son’s recovery. The Family Workshop, held over a weekend, is a significant part of the B2B program and gives us the opportunity reconnect families and create a bridge into repairing and healing on both sides. This workshop is instrumental in creating awareness, allowing for safe constructive conversation and opportunity to share and strengthen family relationships. The family weekend also give parents an opportunity to be involved in the recovery process for their son.

The workshop commences with a social welcome with hors d’oeuvres, followed by tours of the campus and time for parents to spend with their son. Over the course of the weekend families will be introduced to day-to-day life at Back2Basics including outdoor adventures, therapy and educational classes.


As clients’ progress through the Back2Basics program, they are working towards learning how to get comfortable in their own sobriety. Once they complete the 6-month Back2Basics program they often seek to enter into our Beyond the Basics 6-month transition program where they continue to get more comfortable in their space and they gradually practice ‘real living’ in recovery. (See Beyond the Basics for more detail).

Developing a Core Sober-Living Foundation

Back2Basics Core Program Components

Our program goes beyond the basics of traditional drug and alcohol rehab to help every client develop personal and group accountability, in addition to, responsibility – characteristics that tend to be forgotten or ignored by most active drug addicts and alcoholics. Clients participate in a series of intensive, life-skill building activities that are tailored specifically for those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction.

Therapy and Counseling
Outdoor Adventure
Education and Life Skills
Culinary and Nutrition
Exercise and Fitness

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Back2Basics Outdoor Adventure Recovery offers up to a six-month addiction treatment program for substance abuse and alcohol treatment for young adult males 18-35 years of age and is a “private pay” or accepts Insurance. Back2Basics uniquely combines Therapeutic Counseling, Outdoor Adventure Recovery and our Addiction Treatment Program to provide the best possible treatment to achieve long-term sobriety.


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