Back2Basics prides itself on a unique hybrid approach to addiction recovery incorporating therapy, weekly outdoor adventures, healthy lifestyle habits, 12-step participation, social connection and community service. It is the community service aspect where Clients tend to really feel valued again and can see the possibilities of successfully integrating back into society through sober-living and feeling good about giving back and making a positive difference.

At Back2Basics, we strive to create a variety of community service projects to round out our Client’s experiences, keep the program fresh, and look to help out on community projects that can make an impact. Our community service projects have ranged from working in food banks and soup kitchens, to gardening, to adopting a stretch of road for clean-up, and most recently working with the Arizona Elk Society on the Long Valley Riparian Meadow Restoration project just off of SR-87 by Happy Jack in the Coconino National Forest.

Long Valley Meadow Project

This project included the restoration of a 3-mile long meadow and involved tree thinning, rock structure building, stream channel shaping and installing meadow log fences. The Back2Basics crew joined the Arizona Elk Society, along with other volunteers to work on the project over the weekend.

Long Valley Meadow Project Woodpiles
Long Valley Meadow Project Fence
Long Valley Meadow Project Cloth

“Our crew was stoked about working with the AES on this project and seeing the difference we could help make for the wildlife in this area, ” said Nick Huth, B2B Outdoor Guide. “We are looking forward to working on more projects with the Arizona Elk Society throughout the summer.”

Rise to the Future awardOn June 12, the Arizona Elk Society was recognized by the US Forest Service and awarded the Rise To The Future Partnership National Award in Washington DC for the Long Valley Riparian Meadow Restoration project. Back2Basics was included in the presentation and recognized as one of the key partners who helped make the project a success.

“We really appreciated the efforts by the Back2Basics crew,” said Steve Clark, Executive Director of the Arizona Elk Society. “Your crew jumped right in working and made an immediate impact on the project tasks. We were able to get through more tasks than we had planned. Great job Back2Basics, we look forward to working with you again.”

Long Valley Meadow Project Rocks
Long Valley Meadow Project Working
Long Valley Meadow Project Working
Long Valley Meadow Project Working
Long Valley Meadow Project Serving Food
Long Valley Meadow Project Eating