Fresh snow adventures and rehab therapy all at once? You’d better believe it!

Back2Basics Outdoor Adventure Therapy stresses the importance of exercise and wilderness therapy as a nature-centric approach to drug and alcohol abuse treatment through rigorous activities. And that includes taking advantage of 6 feet of fresh snow at Arizona Snowbowl just north of Flagstaff, Arizona, home of Back2Basics.

One of our favorite past-times at B2B is taking advantage of the winter snow and hitting the slopes.  From snowboarding to skiing to tubing the slopes, we tear it up during our fresh snow adventures and showcase our best runs. This is a full day of exertion and part of our adventure therapy to help our residents build strength physically, psychologically and within their sobriety as a whole.

By combining outdoor adventures with traditional therapy and counseling, residents gain an increased understanding of self-concept and self-worth. Residents begin to experience, understand and embrace the physical and emotional benefits, and rid themselves of the harmful behaviors caused by drug abuse and alcohol abuse, which can ultimately lead to a more well-balanced lifestyle.

We have fun together, we support each other and we create new experiences and memories together.  New beginnings to creating a long-term sober living lifestyle.

Back2Basics at Arizona Snowbowl