One of the keys to our success in recovery is rebuilding healthy family relationships. Back2Basics has recognized this and as a core component of the program, B2B hosts a Family Weekend. This is an event that occurs essentially when a client has been in the B2B program for a minimum of 3 months and their family travels to Flagstaff for a weekend of therapy and time spent together. B2B is really good about providing a safe and healthy platform for any unresolved issues, resentments and confessions.

Because everyone starts Back2Basics at different times, once a month, Back2Basics opens up their home to host the 3-day ‘Family Weekend Workshop’. It is a significant part of the B2B program and gives us the opportunity reconnect families and create a bridge into repairing and healing on both sides. This workshop is instrumental in creating awareness, allowing for safe constructive conversation and opportunity to share and strengthen family relationships. The family weekend also give parents an opportunity to be involved in the recovery process for their son.

The workshop commences with a social welcome with hors d’oeuvres, followed by tours of the campus and time for parents to spend with their son. Over the course of the weekend families will be introduced to day-to-day life at Back2Basics including outdoor adventures, therapy and educational classes.

From the Family’s perspective Family Weekend give the family an opportunity to see their son and the progress he has made and from the client’s perspective it is a time to get anything off their chest that you think their parents should know about them or what they’ve done in the past when you were using. It’s a time to have complete honesty with one another so each party can better their relationship and it helps the family better understand what their son’s thought processes were and why they did the things they did. It also helps sons to understand where the parents were coming from when they were using and why they cared so much.

The most important thing about family weekend is to spend time together building new healthy family relationships.

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