“Today a few fellows and myself made lasagna for a family in the community that needed help. This made me feel good inside, knowing that on account of myself and a few other guys in the program, someone will be fed tonight, and not just someone but an entire family. The whole process took only but a few hours. We started out chopping vegetables, we threw them into a giant pot and began seasoning them. We then proceeded to put meat in with the vegetables, followed by some egg yolks to hold everything together. The final stage included us putting the mix over pasta in aluminum trays and closing them up. We wrote reheating instructions and messages of support on the covers of our finished products. This was an enriching and bonding experience. It makes me feel good looking back at the help we provided, as well as having fun in the moment. It also enhanced my culinary skills by teaching me how to properly chop an onion and other vegetables. The guys and I also go to enjoy a few classic laughs with each other while listening to our favorite songs, this all enhanced my experience.”
Young Man Cooking Lasagna Culinary Corner
Lasagna Baking