After six months of sobriety, five clients of the Back2Basics long-term drug and alcohol treatment center graduated from the program.


Back2Basics Graduation

Pizza Furiosa houses the Back2Basics Graduation Ceremony

Saturday, June 13 was a day for celebration.

Back2Basics Sober Living graduates got up to share about their new found sobriety, experience in the program, and plans for the future.

“This is not what I wanted. No one wants rehab… but this was exactly what I needed,” said Brad, one of the graduating clients.

From as far as New York, to as close as California and Colorado, parents and friends made the trek to Flagstaff to see their loved ones graduate. This graduation however wasn’t from High school or College, but one of the utmost importance. This graduation marks six months of sobriety and the end of their recovery program.

Eric, another graduate shared, “I’ve done treatment centers before, but Back2Basics is different. I’ve had time to build a solid support system here.”

Back2Basics houses young male drug and alcohol addicts for six months to a year and incorporates life-skill building activities such as outdoor adventure, 12-step work, culinary classes, individual and group therapy, and Kung-Fu.

Eric’s mom got up to share a few words, as she tried to fight back tears. “This has been nothing short of a miracle. He’s finally back to the person we used to know.”

Back2Basics CEO and founder Roy DuPrez, working alongside transition staff, has focused time on creating a transition program for recent graduates of the program who’ve taken comfort in the sober community they’ve built in Flagstaff.

“I can’t go back home, not yet. I feel like I fit in here. These guys have become the only sober community I know… they’re my family,” said Brad. The transition program can include further education, an internship, career move or even a support role at Back2Basics. Thus, “Beyond the Basics” was born.