Back2Basics is celebrating our 8th anniversary as a premier Outdoor Adventure Recovery Treatment Center in Flagstaff, Arizona.

“We are honored and privileged to have been a trusted provided for drug and alcohol addiction,” said Roy DuPrez, CEO and Founder of Back2Basics Outdoor Adventure Recovery. “These past eight year has provided us with the opportunities and experiences to help many young men from all over the country to learn to live a sober lifestyle. Several of our alumni have gone on to join the B2B team to continue to give back and help others as they were helped.”

Back2Basics began it’s journey in May of 2010 with a unique and effective approach to treating young men with substance and alcohol addiction. Our Back2Basics program is a 6-month hybrid residential treatment plan incorporates: Individual, group and family therapy; weekly outdoor adventures; healthy lifestyle habits; 12-Step participation; community service; social connection; and after-care living plan.

Beyond the Basics is an additional 6-month transition program that follows the Back2Basics program and is focused on transitioning our clients into ‘real life’. In Beyond the Basics we provide for the groundwork to gradually transition our clients from rehabilitation and recovery into living real life with long-term sobriety. At Beyond the Basics we strive to be an active learning community, which demands an even deeper understanding and practice of ‘real life’ guided by the 12-step principles.