“I didn’t realize how much I had lost until I felt how much
I’ve gained” Brad J –  Back2Basics alumni.

We are excited to announce Back2Basics Celebrating Our 7 Year Anniversary!

Our journey began in May of 2010. Back2Basics has now completed, and is proudly celebrating, seven years of Sober Living here in Flagstaff, Arizona. B2B is a six-month adventure recovery program for young men struggling with substance abuse issues and are looking for a positive, meaningful life.

The uniqueness of Back2Basics lies in the fact that it is a hybrid of outdoor adventure therapy and traditional residential programming. The outdoor activities include, hiking, backpacking, kayaking, rock climbing, skiing and so much more. The in-town Residential program looks to develop and strengthen life skills through classes and groups that focus on culinary skills, nutrition, self-care, home maintenance, proper exercise, martial arts, yoga, mindful meditation, clinical therapy, and various therapeutic activities.

The community at Back2Basics creates a sense of camaraderie and safety that allows B2B participants to be present in their new life experiences without drugs and alcohol. Through this peer driven culture, they develop a renewed sense of self. This leads to an elevated self confidence and improved life skills. These improved life skills empower the residents to make healthy life decisions, build and maintain appropriate relationships, learn how to step out of their comfort zone, and face their fears. This is all done while they are receiving emotional and structured support necessary to help them stay on the road to long term success.

Back2Basics Owner and Founder Roy DuPrez states that, “It’s been an amazing journey these last 7 years. We have had personal and programmatic growth with added depth. Our core values and dedicated staff have been the driving force for our positive outcomes and on-going success.”

It’s clear that the long-term treatment recovery model provides the foundation needed for young adults with addiction struggles. This alternative approach to rehab and substance abuse recovery has given Back2Basics an extremely high success rate. Back2Basics is dedicated to providing the personnel with professional expertise and a concrete infrastructure to combat drug and alcohol addiction – both essential to the long-term transformation of our residents into self-sustaining, sober men.