Thanksgiving Back2Basics 2018The culinary program here at Back 2 Basics is nothing short of awesome. One of B2B’s alumni used to work in the restaurant industry and has lots of experience preparing and cooking meals in private settings has brought his skills into our program.

Monday through Friday three of us guys here get the opportunity to cook dinner for the house. We alternate between who cooks and who cleans. Our culinary lesson starts out with a quick introduction of what we will be cooking, how certain flavors come together, chopping lessons, and how to incorporate food in the refrigerator into our meal that would otherwise be thrown away. Once our intro is over we get straight into cooking.

One of my favorite parts of the program, otherwise known as “Choppin with Cuts” is the hands-on experience. Never are we just watching how it is done. It is said that people who prepare, cook and eat healthy meals together are generally a stronger community. That is certainly the case here at Back 2 Basics. Before arriving at B2B my diet consisted of bland colors. My diet has since expanded greatly and my plates are now colorful.

Overall, I am very grateful for this opportunity to learn about all different types of food. I look forward to cooking healthy, great tasting meals for my family and friends in the future.

Client Journal by Noah