Dear Families, 

Monday afternoon we returned from our weekend excursion to clean the house and prepare for another week of therapy, 12 step meetings and burgers for the boys. We had a fiery group session that overall led to not just individual growth but also the collective as a whole. At night we attended a Cocaine Anonymous meditation meeting and then rounded out the day with nightly review before bedtime. Tuesday we awoke at six a.m. and had our morning meditation at six-thirty. We usually read a short passage from the daily reflections and then meditate for five minutes. Seven o’clock we head for the gym where most of us lift weights before enjoying a friendly game of volleyball.

We then split into two groups. The first group headed for Grand Canyon Youth where we provide community service so they can more effectively provide opportunities for underprivileged youth. The second group enjoyed a yoga session before partaking in a group discussion on changes in sobriety and forgiveness, with respect to ourselves and others. Next, both groups joined for an intense session with one of our community therapists. Later, we enjoyed a home cooked dinner of white rice with curry before heading out for a men’s meeting. All in all, it made for quite a day.

Wednesday we excitedly repeated our morning routine of meditation, gym time and breakfast before we again split up in two groups. The first went to Oak Creek where they helped pull weeds and tend to the vegetable garden. The second attended a session of yoga and meditation. Both groups then reunited for a group therapy session where we were administered a reverse Rorschach test. We were instructed to draw a picture of our dark, addict side, another of our light, sober side and a third of the light defeating the darkness. Many of the boys found it revealing and encouraging.

We were then assigned work hours around the house which predominantly included cleaning the bathrooms, kitchen, our bedrooms and raking the yard of pine needles. For dinner we enjoyed a wonderful pot roast made by our community chef. Our day was rounded out by attending an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and a thorough nightly review. Thursday began as you would expect. Meditation, gym, breakfast and the division of the boys into two groups.

The first group volunteered at the Flagstaff food bank where they helped make sandwiches for the less fortunate. The second group enjoyed a session of yoga before engaging in a ‘men in recovery’ discussion during which we read a personal story of recovery ad shared our feelings on it. We then had our weekly nutrition class where we learned about fats; saturated, unsaturated, recommended daily percentage of our diet, etc. We then attended a Heroin Anonymous meeting before nightly review. Friday morning started out consistent as any other – meditation, gym, and breakfast before our weekly review meeting. The boys then engaged in cleaning the house and preparing for the outdoor trip this weekend.

In other news, hearts is officially the card game of the house and cornhole in the backyard has seen a lot of action. Several of the boys are working on steps four through seven so the recovery is getting amped up. Definitely a positive week. Love you and miss you, -The Boys

Young Men at Food Bank
Back2Basics Flagstaff AZ
Exterior House from Roy