We are accepting new admissions and have implemented additional procedures to ensure the health and safety of everyone at Back2Basics. Our normal structure has been impacted only slightly, our excursions are not typically in populated areas anyway, so only slight modifications have been made. We utilize permitted wilderness areas that have minimal foot traffic. We are utilizing TeleMed video conferencing for our patients and staff.
Back2Basics is closely monitoring all coronavirus (COVID-19) updates and is following suggested best practices from the CDC
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Meeting the highest standards for Addiction Treatment

Back2Basics Outdoor Adventures — Grand Canyon Trip


  • Developed for Men – Ages 18 through 30
  • State Licensed and Joint Commission Accreditation
  • Inpatient Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment Center
  • 12-Step Based
  • Outdoor Adventure / Weekly Wilderness Expeditions
  • Daily Clinical / Therapeutic Services
  • Most Private Insurance Policies Accepted as well as Self-Pay

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Why Outdoor Alcohol Rehab?

Accessing the wilderness for treatment of alcohol and drug abuse is different from a typical “rehab” type of approach. Being outdoors creates a new space for young adult men dealing with substance abuse and addiction to connect with nature and remove themselves from the ideas and experiences that may have not worked in the past. Outdoor adventure therapy combined with group and individual therapy, community integration, and nutritional/culinary classes enables young men with addiction issues to learn how to live a life in active recovery. Outdoor rehab connects our program participants through basic life skills and allows them to have the time and space they need to get acclimated in their own sobriety. This is the foundation of the Back2Basics Outdoor Recovery program.

Back2Basics Outdoor Adventure Recovery has been helping young men, ages 18-35, through addiction recovery from both alcohol and drugs for more than a decade. Our accredited inpatient substance treatment center applies therapeutic and counseling services, as well as physically challenging experiential activities to create a renewed sense of self-confidence, improved life skills and frequently, a different outlook on life. 

“There has been a significant increase in alcohol use in the United States in recent years, particularly as the impact of the pandemic and social isolation are being felt around the country,” said Roy DuPrez, founder of Back2Basics Outdoor Adventure Recovery.  “Once a young adult myself, in active alcoholism and now sober for almost 20 years, I can relate to how someone living with alcoholism feels and have worked with experts in this area to create a different kind of recovery program for men addicted to alcohol and drugs. We work with program participants to fundamentally improve their perspectives and challenge detrimental behaviors while equipping them with the tools they will need to live a rewarding sober lifestyle. I want our clients to have what I and so many others have been able to achieve.”    

Over the past ten years, we are proud to have helped improve the lives of so many men throughout the United States dealing with alcoholism and drug addiction. While there are various options and avenues for drug addiction recovery programs in the USA, more and more people are seeking treatment beyond the 30-day model provided by most alcohol rehabilitation treatment centers. Research shows that young adults benefit more, and are more likely to achieve long-term success in a comprehensive longer-term treatment experience.

Individuals seeking real help and a real solution for life-long sober living are turning to Back2Basics. Back2Basics serves clients that come to us from everywhere in the nation and we continue to demonstrate effective outcomes as a treatment center for alcoholism and substance abuse that works.

Testimonial from Ian
Testimonial from Tom

What Is Back2Basics?

Our success is based on a comprehensive structure of treatment, therapeutic options, outdoor adventure, educational needs, nutritional guidance, legal responsibilities, camaraderie, community involvement, and daily fitness.

Back2Basics Outdoor Adventure Recovery combines addiction treatment with experiential outdoor adventures to assist young men dealing with substance and alcohol addiction and lead them through rehab and recovery into long-term sober living.

A pinnacle of our program involves spending time in the beautiful serene wilderness where participants are physically challenged, their minds are cleared, and they learn ways to defeat old addictive patterns through various outdoor adventures. We work with young men who are dealing with alcohol and substance abuse from all over by giving them a safe place, away from the influences that have contributed to their addiction issues, where they can establish a new mindset and develop new habits and tools that prepare them for a new, rewarding sober lifestyle.

Back2Basics and Beyond The Basics

Back2Basics is a six-month adventure recovery program for 18 – 30 year-old men with substance abuse and behavioral health issues looking for a positive and meaningful life. In our program, clients are exposed to a weekly combination of both wilderness and addiction treatment.

Beyond the Basics is an additional 6-month transition program that follows the Back2Basics format and is focused on transitioning clients into ‘real life.’ In Beyond the Basics we provide our clients a foundation for gradually transitioning their lives from rehabilitation and recovery into living real life with long-term sobriety.

While the programs are sequential, the Beyond the Basics program is not required and our Back2Basics clients must apply and express the desire to really want to continue. This allows them to take ownership of their decision and commit to their successful sobriety. Most of our Back2Basics graduates choose to continue into Beyond the Basics treatment program.

Clients’ Testimonials

The biggest obstacle for me was my ego. Being 24 and having had a previously successful military career, I felt I should have been able to handle my problems on my own. Even though I’m only one month in the Back2Basics program, it has definitely been worth it. The bonds with the guys, coupled with their insights plus the insights from the staff and therapists, has given me a shift in perspective. The entire program is great but I enjoy the outdoor adventures the most. Being in nature is very calming to me and I love the physical challenges presented and the natural beauty of the landscape that I get to experience almost every week. The two top benefits of the program for me are the bonds you make with the guys in the program and the sober community here as a whole provide an incredible safety net and make my chances, and hopefully yours, much better. Back2Basics is a one of a kind program that so far is realy helping me start and get a solid foundation of sobriety as well as introducing me to a great sober community. I really want to thank my parents, my previous Commander and First Sergeant for helping me to make the decision to come here. – Tim R (January 2018)

The two biggest obstacles I faced before coming to Back2Basics were willingness and fear. I didn’t think I had a problem and so I didn’t think I needed rehab. I was also very fearful of the man I would discover when becoming sober. Back2Basics, in simple terms, has given me my will to live back and it has give me hope for a better life without reliance on drugs and that is something I never thought possible. My favorite aspect of B2B is the outdoor adventures. They are always a good time. All the guys get a lot closer and it also helps the time fly by a lot faster than it would if we were jut at the house the entire time. I also love therapy because I personally get a lot out of it. B2B is a lot more than just getting sober. You will learn more about yourself in short 6 months here than you will your entire life and it gives you the gift of humility. Back2Basics has done so much for me during my stay… I am generally happy for the first time in years. I am so thankful to my parents for sending me here because they recognized I had a problem before I did and made the hard decision to send me here and to invest in helping me.
– Andrew (January 2018)

Back2Basics has saved my life. I have experienced so much change in my mindset and I have gained some independence and confidence. The ability to work through my issues in a healthy manner and a group of people to keep me accountable was the formula I needed to create change. I really enjoy the outdoor adventures and going to see new beautiful places. Even though therapy is not my favorite thing I have got some of the most growth and personal recovery from it. I thought for so long therapy wasn’t for everyone and now I believe anyone can benefit from it. In addition to therapy. two other benefits that come to mind are the ability to get my life back on track and pursue some of the things we always wanted to and to find a community of sober friends who I love and can rely upon. If I could share with my loved ones, I would tell them I’m grateful for what I’ve accomplished here and some of the experiences I’ve had here inside and outside the addiction treatment program. It has helped me progress physically and mentally faster in six months that it would of taken years without the B2B program. I’m grateful to my family and what to thank my grandfather and grandmother, who have passed on, and my parents whose love and concern led them to find Back2Basics. I’m not sure if I would of stayed sober in Albuquerque and I’m grateful my father grew up her and knew what Flagstaff was about. Thanks Mom and Dad! – Michael (December 2017)

In the beginning fear kept me from looking for help, but my parents caring about and giving me one more chance to make a change in my life for the better was the break I needed to start this journey. I’ve been here for almost 2 months now and I can honestly say that Back2Basics is worth it. I still have work to do, but within this 60-day period I’ve experienced many results such as my mind being clear, living sober the entire time which is really good considering I haven’t been sober since I was 13 years old. The program is a mixture of a lot of things such as the group therapies and the therapists we get assigned to us to help us see clear on why we act and do the the things we do, have been really helpful. I really enjoy the outdoor trips we take. They are always a lot of fun and we do many adventures that I didn’t really do as I was ‘growing up’ under addiction. Truly, B2B is one of the best decisions I have ever made. If you are as sick as me, or if you’re searching for you dope every day and living a life of misery, you need this program. Take it from a junky– myself. You really can redo your life and make amends to all of your mistakes. Through B2B I’ve been given my life again. I was living every day smoking dope and popping pills and constantly trying to rob, steal, and lie my way to get what I wanted– a life full of sin. Now B2B has showed me paths to real moral greatness doing what is honestly right in life and guiding me in the right direction in life. I thank B2B every day for my sobriety and my new outlook on life. And I would also like to thank every one at B2B because I couldn’t be this far in the system without them. When I’m feeling low here at addiction treatment program , I can always count on the other members here to bring me back up. I also want to thank my parents for being financially stable enough to send me here because I know it is expensive, but I must say it is making me a better person. – Austin Polterock (December 2017)

If I would have stayed in college and maintained a lifestyle and GPA that I could have maintained, as well as taking care of my Grandma and not exposing her to friends constantly coming over to do drugs and smoke all night long, I don’t think I would be in this position now. But the truth is in reality I didn’t live up to my end of the bargain and gratefully my path led me to Back2Basics to get help. Back2Basics has taught me to live a sober life and how to structure it in such a way that is healthy, while giving me time to work on myself. The part I like the most about B2B is the structure of living that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. The other part I really like is the outdoor trips and it grows each time I go out. The staff is awesome and so beneficial to me and my sobriety. If you have someone struggling with idea of coming to B2B, and learning to live a sober life, it is so worth it from the life skills and you will learn aspects about your personality that you can improve to help yourself. In fact B2B has taught me many things that I would love to share with my family. A couple of things are that this program has taught me that family is the only thing in life that is with you forever and will be there through thick and thin unlike friends. Also, I have learned how to be a great contributing member of society. I really would like to thank my parents, especially my Mom for being so involved in my life to realize when there was a problem that was bad enough to send me and I also want to thank the staff at B2B for actually loving me and caring about my future. Also the clients for being a family that was my back and can hold me and also me hold them accountable. – David Everett (December 2017)

The biggest obstacle that would have prevented me from coming to Back2Basics would have been time. If I stop and think about it, when I give it time and my head clears up I usually find a way out of the misery I’m in. Time heals the pain I’m in but if I gave it time, I would not be sober today. For me Back2Basics was worth going through the program for several reasons. When you come here initially, you become part of the family. You have the time to experience the ‘root’ of your addiction problem both on your own, in therapy and group sessions. I can actually be honest and vulnerable with other people now and to myself, and I’ve developed a more spiritual connection. I am in touch with my feelings and don’t feel the need to use alcohol and drugs. I found a will to want sobriety.

My favorite aspects of B2B is the outdoor adventure side of the program. I came to enjoy the outdoors and hiking. Staying physically fit is the first aspect to emotional and mental recovery from years of drug abuse, and this has really helped me to feel better about myself. Just being involved, living in the addiction treatment program and have a set schedule has helped me learn to be more secure with myself and deal with life on life’s terms. Back2Basics has helped me out so much, personally, It’s taught me patience and how to slow down my mind. It has taught me I have a passion for helping others and that gets me out of ‘self’. I couldn’t have done this without my parents for living me and caring enough to send me here. Thank you! – Kevin (December 2017)

If I had just been on top of my stuff in college, and putting in the time to study instead of just partying and hanging out with girls, or showing up to class high, I don’t think I would be here at B2B today. But as it happened, it was a blessing that I did all of that because my lack of being responsible and ability to manage school is what started the process to finding B2B and to learning to live sober.

Even though I’ve only been at B2B for just over a month, it has already made a tremendous difference in my life and led me to realize many of my weaknesses that I did not know I had. The next step in my journey is to find out how to work on these but I know I can do it. The therapy opportunities is where I have seen the most progress. It feels good to talk through whatever I need to in order to better myself. This combined with the outdoor adventure part is a good mix up to help me. I know recovery is not easy, especially for others facing the decision. At first I didn’t want to come to B2B and I was actually mad about coming here, but within a span of a week I realized how much the program could help me if I utilized all of the tools placed in front of me to my full ability. Overall Back2Basics has done a lot for me in my short time here and it has been amazing to me. I plan to use my time wisely to work on my weaknesses and come back a better man to those whom I hold dear. I’m just extremely grateful and want to thank my parents for making the hard decision for me that I couldn’t make for myself at the time and to loving me enough to send me here to B2B. – Andrew (December 2017)

I had no excuses besides the ones I dreamed up myself. I knew I wanted sobriety because the only outcome with the lifestyle I’d be living was death. All I needed to do was put half the energy in my using into a new way of life. Back2Basics was worth it to me more than I can put into words. It taught me to live life again, enjoy myself and others around me while being able to reconnect with my family that I’d put 2nd over myself for years and years before coming here. One of the classes I have loved learning is culinary. But, just being able to fine tune my skills through all of the classes and having the time to do so has also been important.

When it comes to the benefits of B2B, there has to be a point of surrender. Don’t try something if your not done drinking or dragging. Listening to others that have been there and done what you want has helped me more than anything. Also giving your whole self up to the AA program is a must. B2B has taught me that the person you grew up with a long time ago and got to know and loved is back. It was a long rough road to get back to where I am. I’d finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel. Although I’ve seen that same light many times before, the people at B2B helped me reach it faster than I thought possible.

Finally, I’d like to take this opportunity  to thank my Mom. My mother was the only person standing at the end of my disaster. Without her there is no doubt in my mind I’d be dead or in a hospital. She stayed next to me even when everyone was telling her not to, but could see something in me even I couldn’t see any longer. For that I’ll forever be grateful. – Rob (November 2017)

At first I didn’t want Back2Basics I had a fear of a life without drugs… a fear of leaving friends, family, my girlfriend at home, money and my willingness to get sober. My addict mentality was my biggest obstacle. B2B was the solution for me and I realized that it was all worth those fears. It gave me the structure to rebuild myself to begin a sober life that is in a safe and stable environment. Through guidance I learned the skills that I will be able to use and build upon to stay sober and live a healthy life, ultimately helping save my life.

The best part of the B2B program was the outdoor adventures. I thoroughly enjoyed them and feel that they hold a great amount of value to recovery. It’s time we get to journal, reflect, and share as a group that I enjoy and get the most out of. It’s the conversations with other guys around the camp or at the top of a mountain that stick with me the most and that helped me to find out things about myself. The relationships created at B2B can last a lifetime and you can gain a group of support that will always have your back. You are put into a positive environment where you can see real progress in people that helps to inspire you to do the work and make the changes. B2B has given me the supportive platform to get sober and allow me to have clear eyes and a clear mind. With my peers keeping me accountable and calling out my character defects I have been able to recognize characteristics I was not aware of and make progress in changing them to better myself. I would like to thank my family for finding this program and working with B2B to get me here when I was at a point of willingness and acceptance and I thank God for working through others to put this platform for recovery here that is saving people’s lives from the disease of addiction. – Austin W (July 2017)

At first I hesitated about trying Back2Basics because it was a 6-month addiction treatment program and I was trying to keep my job and finish school. But something clicked and I realized I needed to make the decision to come to B2B if I wanted to really create a long-term solution toward sobriety or nothing else would matter. B2B is worth it because it creates the foundation to set up your life such that you have life skills and tools to not use drugs and alcohol to cope with situations or any misfortunes that come about. B2B is also worth it because you can really figure out who you truly are and find what you need to become as an overall better person.

The part I like the most about B2B is the outdoor adventures, martial arts and hot yoga because it’s a time where I can think, reflect and change the things in the me that I want to become. I enjoy being in the wilderness and exploring new places. Martial arts helps me to learn about my body and self-defense. Hot yoga attracts me the most because I can truly tune into myself and stretch out my body in a peaceful uplifting environment and its also a form of meditation to be present. The other benefits to B2B is the therapy and talking to staff, clients and sponsors about my character defects and my personal problems. Understanding the concept of learning and having responsibilities and being accountable for every action I make has become a new awareness for me, along with the structured activities that help me get into a daily rhythm. I would like to thank B2B for their genuine  care and structure and their hard work for making these outdoor trips possible, and creating a positive atmosphere and helping us change for the better… hopefully for the rest of my life. – Zach (July 2017)

I recently went through the Back2Basics program to try and get help for my addiction to heroin and cocaine. As a male in my early twenties, it was easy for me to compare my behavior and drug use to the crowd I had been around for the last few years, but it eventually got to the point where I needed help. With the support of my parents, I was able to come to Back2Basics. I had been to treatment before so I had some skepticism about what would make this time any different but I knew I didn’t have any other options. I was greeted by an incredibly supportive group of guys that seemed to all share a common goal of sobriety, something which I hadn’t experienced with treatment centers in the past. – Eric

Life prior to Back2Basics was filled with pain, despair, and doubt. However, when I left Back2Basics in early March of 2017, my life was radically different. My earliest memories are of living with a crippling sense of social anxiety and feelings of social ostracism. Everything began to change during my sixth grade year, all of my feelings of inferiority, anxiety, and isolation began to accelerate. Once I found liquor and drugs, I learned that all those feelings could be shut away and I spent the next eight years hunting that fleeting feeling of inner peace that intoxication provided. And it worked.

For a long time I felt happy with myself, but bit-by-bit that began to deteriorate. Eventually, I found myself using drugs just to function and liquor just to stay “sane”. Then, I broke. There began my actual immersion into sobriety. Back2Basics combined almost everything that I wanted to incorporate into my life into their weekly schedule. Yoga, athletics, workout programs, a culinary program, and an immersive outdoor program; these were a part of my weekly and daily life, and they helped me to completely buy in to the Back2Basics process. It wasn’t ever easy. I constantly found myself challenged by my peers in communities and group therapies, and I had to confront my inner demons as I began to learn that these confrontations all came from a place of love. By the end of my year in Back2Basics, I learned how to start loving myself and began to start loving other people. This is the greatest gift anyone can ever receive, and Back2Basics led me there. For this gift, I will always be grateful to Back2Basics. – Ian M. (March 2017)

I came to Back2Basics in January 2017. I decided that I needed to try something different since I tried two 30-day programs one after another only to continue to relapse. B2B is what I decided on and it turned out that the most uncomfortable thing ended up to be the best solution for me.

On my trip to B2B I was crying on the plane with the drugs wearing off and realizing I was going somewhere new. From arriving at the Flagstaff airport, I quickly arrived at the house where I was to stay for six months. The greetings were warm and supporting. The feelings of unease were lessened immensely and I started into my 6-month program. It was easy and I had a lot of uncomfortable moments, facing others and facing myself. I worked through a lot of my feelings and some I’ll still be working on for time to come. I built friendships here… some I like and some I haven’t liked every day or I’m not even friends with, but they have still taught me something. The community I’ve built is something I want to continue to grow and keep.

Change is something I don’t usually like except this is change that makes me happy. As I’ve just completed Back2Basics, I’m not working on going through Beyond the Basics for my 6-month transition program instead of going back to California and being given my silver-spoon child luxuries. This idea is compelling to me because I’ve learned from my experience now at B2B that what is very uncomfortable is probably the best thing for me. – Derek

Back2Basics is absolutely worth it because I have been surrounded by the best people to go through the one of the hardest experiences of my life. I have gained the humility to surrender to drugs and alcohol and the guidance to move forward. I love to be outside so the outdoor adventure trips are where I feel my best. I love to hike, cook, set up camps and learn about my surroundings. The B2B community is hands down the number one benefit B2B has to offer. There is so much to b gained from being a part of this group. The benefits of this sober community are endless. Back2Basics has changed my life. The support I needed to change and look at everything that was ruining my life time and time again. The strength I found from the people around me has been priceless. – Alex

After the game and life had beaten me down there were no obstacles in place any longer and I was completely willing to come to Back2Basics for help. B2B is definitely a different sort of treatment center than I had ever been through. The staff and clinicians have done a great job in illuminating issues that had never been brought up before or where I fell short in previous attempts at sobriety. Because I’m acutely aware of these issues, I’ve been able to work on them and have seen positive growth. Personally, I enjoy the outdoor trips the most. The things we get to do do and see are unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. I also enjoy culinary class as I’ve never cooked for myself or others before, either because I lacked the skill, confidence or desire. Now I feel comfortable in the kitchen and am looking forward to cooking for myself and loved ones when I graduate.

I know that I thought 6-months was a really long time, but I have to look at it as an investment in my future cause without this I wouldn’t be able to accomplish any of the things I want to do with my life. B2B has the best community that I have ever experienced in treatment that helps set us up for success in the future. I’m now more mentally and physically fit, I have improved my life skills and I have a solid support network to help guide me and keep me accountable both inside the program and when I get out. – Joseph (August 2017)

I was in a pretty dark place before I got to B2B. Nearly ruined every important relationship I had with family and friends. I knew things had gotten to the point where I needed some serious help. Having seen what addiction had done to my family from a different perspective guided me to accepting help. The idea of being in a 6 month treatment center was daunting and seemed quite scary coming into it. Looking back on my 6 month stay, I can honestly say now, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I learned to take criticism from my pears and the staff guiding me to see what work I needed to do on myself.

I used to laugh when people said this program saved their lives, but now I can honestly say it has saved mine and built relationships back up with my family in a stronger way than ever. Now being in the transitional phase of B2B gives me the opportunity to put all the work I have done to the test in the real world. There is always work to be done, but I’m glad to say that I’m in a place that helps me continue that work. – Chris M.

My experience at Back2Basics has been instrumental in helping me to maintain long term sobriety. The 6-month addiction treatment program allowed me to give sobriety a chance, as well as heal mentally, emotionally, and physically. The outdoor NAU trips such as the San Juan kayak trip and the Colorado River trip were definitely big highlights in my stay. Participating in the training in those events was tough, but so worth it. The NAU outdoor program was very accommodating to us and provided us with good safe fun. I have been able to experience things I never even considered possible. I also had the chance to travel to Mexico with a select group of guys about two months into my stay. Getting out of the snow and into the warm southern sun was a relief to say the least. I was able to rekindle a lost love for surfing and enjoyed the local cuisine. I can’t thank Back2Basics enough for that opportunity of a lifetime.

Through the long-term portion of B2B, I have been able to see myself grow immensely since when I arrived. I was an entitled and immature, and I had no perception of real life. Since then I have been able to realize the true value of working for a dollar, and I believe I have made big leaps with maturity. I have learned how to successfully handle finances and manage my own priorities and commitments in life. Sobriety has enabled me to enjoy work and play as a result of managing priorities in my life. Back2Basics has given me more tools than I ever wanted to be a successful member of society. – Weston

My experience at Back2Basics was instrumental for me and my sobriety. I met some amazing people along the way that helped me become a better son, brother, and friend. The staff, as well as my fellow tenants, were there every step of the way to help support me on my journey to sobriety.

I arrived at Back2Basics May 16, 2015 and at first I was extremely nervous and scared because I honesty didn’t know what to expect. But, I was hopeless and I had run out of options, getting sober was the only thing that I knew I could do to have a better life. On arrival I was met at the door by all of the tenants and staff. Everyone was very friendly and willing to help me in anyway that they could. I will never forget my first outdoor adventure trip, although I was still not feeling 100%. I remember the drive to Moab, Utah, seeing Arches National Park and going paddle boarding because it was the first time that I realized that I could be happy while being sober. Although it wasn’t all fun and games, I was forced to look at myself for the very first time and actually deal with my issues instead of mask them with drugs and alcohol. During my time at Back2Basics I had some of the best and toughest times of my life but no matter what, the community and the staff were always there to support me as well as showi me that there is a better way to live than how I had been living prior to coming to Back2Basics. – Logan B

Prior to B2B, my life was in shambles. I had very few meaningful relationships, my family didn’t trust me, I was unreliable, I couldn’t hold a job, and I could not stop using drugs. Five years ago, I went to a high-end 30 day treatment center. Six days after my release I got my first DUI. I was pampered at that rehab but none of my real issues were uncovered. It was just an expensive detox. B2B offered me a different experience. The outdoor aspect allowed me to connect to nature and a part of myself that I have not known for a long time. It helped me learn to rely on myself and build confidence in my abilities. It also showed me the beauty and fun of the world I had not seen in the years of heavy drug use. The addiction treatment side of the program offered me growth through the individual, and group therapy. I was able to dig in to my deep seeded issues, and work on them. My peers called me out on my flaws and helped keep me honest, (something I struggled with when I was using). I was also able to work on my cleanliness, my cooking, and my general health. I found old passions and developed new ones.

While I was not crazy about the program being six months, I have come to realize that it was my best option for long term sobriety. In fact, I also agreed to do the transitional living phase. A lot has changed for me since being here. One of the biggest things for me is that I have a great relationship with my parents again. I have always been close to them, but after years of using, our relationship suffered immensely. They and I thought that our relationship could never be the same. After our family weekend and a few other visits, I know that what we thought is true. – Tyler H.

My experience at Back2Basics was an interesting one to say the least. Addiction treatment program was pivotal in bringing me up to speed with all the basic life skills and human interactions that I should have acquired before in life. It’s surprising realizing how clueless I was when faced with simple tasks such as cooking and cleaning. Re-learning all these things over again gave me the confidence necessary for me to rediscover what my real passions are and reveal new ones. One thing I didn’t expect to discover during my stay here, which turned out to be one of the cornerstones of my sobriety, is how to have fun again. When I arrived I had my prior notions of what sobriety was and what it could be. However, after building relationships with my fellow tenants and the staff, I realized that sobriety could be fun. It was here that I learned how to have a sincere laugh again and have real relationships with people again. I didn’t realize how much I had lost in my addiction until I observed how much I had gained upon graduating the addiction treatment program.

It’s difficult to put my finger down on the one thing that makes this program work. All I know is that throughout my stay something just clicked and it happened right under my nose. Seeing it happen to others who came after me really solidified my belief that there’s something at work here that’s lacking everywhere else. I came here with the simple intention of not wanting to live the way I was ever again and just through being active in the program, that intention was fulfilled along with so much more. One of the greatest of which is that now I can call myself a son to my family. Something I couldn’t have said only just a year ago. – Brad

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Back2Basics Outdoor Adventure Recovery offers mental health and/or substance abuse residential treatment for young adult males 18-35 years of age and accepts insurance or “private pay”. Back2Basics Outdoors Adventures uniquely combines Intensive Therapeutic Counseling, Outdoor Adventures and Residential Individual & Group Treatment to provide the best possible route to achieve long-term results.


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