Adventure Therapy For Addiction Recovery

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Drug or alcohol dependence is a severe disease, which affects people physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Besides, it brings dependents various family, academic, social, and work-related problems. When a person admits to having a substance abuse problem, it is essential to seek specialized help immediately.

One of the key factors for a successful and lasting recovery is to select a top rehab program. Among the alternatives available for men 18-30 in the USA, the best is the adventure therapy for addiction recovery that we offer at Back 2 Basics. You should know a little more about our therapy so that you know why it is the ideal alternative for your rehab.

Top-7 FAQs About Our Adventure Therapy for Addiction Recovery

  1. What Does the Program Consist Of?

To get our clients sober, we use an alternative approach, focusing primarily on nature. Our wilderness therapy for addiction treatment combines therapeutic counseling, addiction treatment program, and experiential outdoor adventures. Patients eliminate bad habits and acquire new patterns of healthy and drug- and alcohol-free living.

  1. How Does Recovery Work?

Adventure treatment for addiction begins with an internal examination of each individual. It seeks to establish their history and patterns of substance use and abuse, its consequences, and its effects. It also uncovers painful memories of guilt and shame. Then, through different individual, group, and family therapies, clients are helped to overcome those negative events. They are also empowered to become more self-confident and achieve self-sustaining sobriety.

  1. What Activities Are Included?

Back 2 Basic wilderness therapy rehab for men seeks to help people rediscover themselves in contact with nature. We develop different excursions and activities that include outdoor hiking, camping, kayaking, snowboarding, and surfing, among others. Each of them seeks to challenge the client to strengthen mentally and physically while receiving counseling and recovery therapy.

  1. What Benefits Do Participants Gain?

Individual learns to know themselves and strengthen their self-esteem. They also experience new healthy experiences, which allow them to get rid of bad habits. Through group activities and teamwork they improve their interpersonal relationships. They achieve a better bond with nature and an excellent connection of mind, body, and spirit.

  1. What Happens After Treatment?

Back 2 Basics, the top among the wilderness and adventure drug rehabs offers an additional post-treatment program, Beyond the Basics. This is a multi-phase transition program that allows our clients to get back to reality. We provide the groundwork necessary to readjust to daily activities while maintaining lasting sobriety.

  1. How to Pay for the Program?

To pay for the program you have two options, first, you can make a private payment. Also, Back 2 Basics accepts most carriers and insurance plans, so you can verify your policy by contacting our staff.

  1. How to Join the Program?

If you wish to regain your sobriety by experiencing the best of adventure drug and alcohol rehab programs, you must first contact us. Our staff will make a personalized analysis of your case, and then we will give you the best options for you. It’s time to get your life back to sobriety in contact with nature. Call us and learn more about our treatment program.

Adventure Therapy For Addiction Recovery

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