Thank You for Choosing Back2Basics

We know that you have a heavy heart and we understand where you are coming from… this is a life-changing decision. Back2Basics is the right choice for you. We have both the professional expertise to help you, and we also come to the table with real-world personal experience. We walk the talk and we look to help others to achieve long-term sobriety through outdoor therapy. We are committed to your recovery and long-term sobriety. Follow the steps below to begin your new journey.

Our 5-Step Admissions Process

Step 1

Reach Out

Call us and let’s begin the conversation so you can share your needs and concerns, and we can share more about how Back2Basics works and answer your questions.

Call Us At 928.814.2220

Step 2

Review Tuition

Discuss the financial aspects of the program and the investment for addiction recovery and treatment. We will be happy to discuss options and opportunities with you. We can help you evaluate your insurance options. Please give us a call to talk to Roy our CEO at 928.814.2220.

Step 3

Submit Application

To apply for residency with Back2Basics, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on the button below to access the secured Back2Basics Portal
  2. Create a New Account by completing all fields and click the ‘Create Account’ button
  3. A verification email will be sent to your email address. Please check your email and follow the link to verify your account before proceeding .
  4. Once you click on ‘Verification Link’ in the email you will be automatically redirected and logged into the Back2Basics Portal.
  5. Click on ‘Application’ to Begin New Application.
  6. Fill out all fields with complete details.
  7. Click ‘Submit Form’.

The accuracy of the information in each section of the application helps us at Back2Basics to effectively understand and meet your needs. All information is kept confidential.


Step 4

Evaluation Period

We will evaluate the application to ensure the client’s candidate is the right fit for us and that Back2Basics is the right solution you.

Step 5

Schedule Admission Date

We will contact you to review the application, our program and expectations, as well as determine an admissions date. Travel plans are set in place and final details ironed out to get you into the best recovery treatment program as soon as possible.

What is included in the cost of the program?

What is included in the cost of the program?

Addiction Treatment Program and Domestic Needs
Housing, staff availability 24/7, full kitchen services, groceries, toiletries, and transportation.

Therapeutic Needs
Includes the cost for weekly one-on-one therapy sessions with our experienced and professional therapists, in addition to our daily process and therapist lead groups.

Outdoor Adventure
Outdoor gear, Travel/Transportation, Food/Water, Training, First-Aid/Safety, Permits.

Educational Needs
Includes the participation in all on- and off-site vocational training,  on-site sustainable gardening, weekly on-site culinary class, and weekly on-site writing class.

Legal Needs
It also covers the cost for arraignment fees with the courts and/or probation offices to have the clients work extra hours and earn funds to help payback restitution fines.

Community Involvement
Group outings, 12-step conferences, retreats, seminars and community service.

Daily Fitness
Full access to the local Flagstaff Athletic Club (full amenities at gym), outings and other daily physical fitness and recreation.

You are one step closer to Recovery.

We Can Help

Back2Basics Outdoor Adventure Recovery offers mental health and/or substance abuse residential treatment for young adult males 18-35 years of age and accepts insurance or “private pay”. Back2Basics Outdoors Adventures uniquely combines Intensive Therapeutic Counseling, Outdoor Adventures and Residential Individual & Group Treatment to provide the best possible route to achieve long-term results.


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