I recall back to life before Back2Basics in which I use to term life loosely. The way I was living was not much of a life at all, more so day by day survival. Restless, irritable and discontent are just the beginning of the hole so deep and dark that I had no hope or aspiration of ever getting out of. Drug addiction and alcoholism had brought me to an unfathomable place; destroying my life along with everyone’s life who loved me the most.

After 10 years and 10 treatment facilities I found myself in Back2Basics. Although I was not keen on being in Flagstaff I was so broken and demoralized that I had reached a place of desperation where I was willing to try whatever anyone suggested to me. Upon my arrival, I was accepted with genuine care, love and compassion which I was searching for in drugs and alcohol for almost half my life. The understanding nature of the community, staff members and other residents as a whole was the perfect place to begin my treatment. Throughout the six months in residential I was provided with tools to work through the obstacles of life sober, challenged to grow daily and built lifelong friendships. I can confidently say the beliefs and morals of Back2Basics were the main factor in kick starting my recovery. I was given opportunities day in and day out to grow into a mature responsible man in recovery. Moving onto the transition phase of the program I was afraid because this is where I had always fallen in previous attempts, integrating back into normal life. The structure and support was more than I could have asked for to help me achieve success. I was given a safe space to continue processing through real life struggles as they occurred in new experiences each day. Experiencing this new life along with my friends I had grown so close with was paramount to my success. This was not and is not an illness that I could have overcome alone.

To this day I still hold all these relationships with the utmost respect and loyalty. I have been given a life beyond anything I could have imagined and live it every day sober. Experiencing life with other recovering addicts and alcoholics is the biggest blessing of it all. I can not display enough gratitude for the opportunity I was given at Back2Basics.


Sun behind Cliff