Dear B2B parents,

I can speak for all the boys when I say we had an awesome trip this weekend. This weekend we took a nice road trip out to Durango, Colorado for a base camp trip. It was the first time visiting for almost all of us so we all had a blast. After getting both the vans all packed up, we set off on the road Friday morning since we had a 6-hour drive ahead of us. Since we have a smaller group now each one of us got a whole row in the vans to ourselves, many napped, while our trusty staff members took one for the team and drove. Except for the Vibe Van, three of us were vibing the whole way down there. We arrived in Durango and found a campsite for the night around 11 pm after searching through the San Juan Forest for an hour since it was so packed being Labor day weekend. We set up camp pretty quickly then retired for the night.

Saturday morning we woke up pretty early, made a hearty sausage and egg breakfast then headed out. Since we were so deep in San Juan we decided to pack up camp and move our base camp to a new location so we wouldn’t have to drive so far to and from our activities. We headed out of the forest to a park near downtown Durango and threw the frisbee around for a little bit. Then we took a hike down the Animas River which runs all throughout Durango. After a little bit, we took a dip in the river to cool off since it was pretty sunny out. The water felt great and we slid down a little man-made slide that creates some minor rapids when the water is higher than what it was this weekend. We all had a great time and even slid down together holding onto each other’s shoulders, it was definitely the highlight of the day for many of us. Once we finished up we headed to an in-town AA meeting, which turned out to be a really solid and raw meeting that everyone got a lot out of. Then we went back to camp and made some fire carne asada tacos for dinner.

Sunday morning we woke up, made some breakfast and set out for another sweet day. We headed up to a higher place up the Animas river with a couple of double tubes and put in to float all the way down. It began as a very relaxing float, as the current wasn’t too strong. As we progressed down the river the current picked up in certain places and we had to dodge some rocks here and there. We had a blast swerving past the rocks and going down some very minor rapids. There was a small section at the end that had some man-made slopes and drops for people to surf down when the river is higher and flowing stronger. They were still flowing and had some nice little drops that we were able to hit in our inner tubes (safely) which everyone loved. After a relaxing, yet fun-filled day on the river everyone was pretty beat from being in the sun all day long and we had a few guys come out looking like lobsters since they believed they “wouldn’t burn”. We once again headed back to camp and whipped up a delicious stir fry for dinner. Then we held a group AA meeting led by yours truly, played some spades and kicked back cutting up with each other for a while enjoying some good laughs, per usual before heading to bed.

This morning we packed up and headed out around 4 am since we had a nice drive ahead of us and had to be back at the house before noon. Big shoutout to our very kind staff members for being our drivers while everyone got to sleep on the way back. We made a brief stop to run our community meeting, recapping the weekend and giving each other constructive feedback along with affirmations.
All in all, it was another phenomenal trip packed with great vibes, laughs and recovery!

Yours truly,
B2B Boys.

Young Men Standing on Shore
Young Men Sliding Down River