• B2B has made an extremely positive difference in our lives as a family and specifically for our son Thomas. It has been a positive experience from start to finish. B2B has allowed Thomas to live in a safe and structured environment and providing the support necessary to maintain his sobriety after leaving a wilderness program.

    B2B was very caring and expedient during the admissions process. When bringing our son to B2B, we were only there for a matter of an hour or two. Paperwork at the office and then to the house where he would be spending the next 6 months. I felt really good about the house and the people we were leaving our son with.

    We went back to Flagstaff about 1/2 way through the program for a family workshop. It was a very meaningful and productive visit. We spent quite a bit of time at the house for meals and got to know the staff and residents. Everyone made us feel so genuinely welcome and at home. B2B is a family owned business and the residents become part of that family while they are there.

    My son is still the same person, but at the same time he is someone I don’t recognize. He has worked hard to make positive changes in his whole life with the support, compassion and caring of B2B. When he came home for a family visit, the 1st thing he did was find a 12 step meeting for the next day and at the dinner table I asked if anyone would like to say grace, he immediately stepped up, something I wasn’t expecting.

    Thomas has come a long way and I really have to thank B2B for his journey. B2B certainly has our recommendation for a top notch sober living & outdoor adventure program. I truly believe that if Thomas had come home immediately after wilderness he would not be where he is today.

    Kathy & Thomas Parents
  • I hope you and your family are having a wonderful holiday. Jan and I spent Christmas with Brandon in Flagstaff, AZ. The transformation in his personality and motivation has been Truly remarkable. He will shortly complete the 6 month program and will be returning to school. For the foreseeable future, he intends to remain in Flagstaff because as he put it, that is where his support system is already in place. Brandon has a sponsor and has made new friends who are involved in and committed to pursuing a life of sobriety. Even though we know that Brandon still has a lot of hard work ahead of him, the turn around so far is nothing short of an answer to our prayers. Thank you for helping us find this program.

    Anonymous - To Interventionist Parents
  • It’s been a year of growth and healing for John* and our family.  Thank you for caring for him in the way that only professionals with your knowledge, compassion and experience can.  I hated to admit my limitations as a mother, but I knew we couldn’t give John what he needed.  He’s healthy, happy and ready for the next chapter thanks to your tough love and support.   I can’t express how grateful I am that you were there for us as we stumbled through a scary and unfamiliar road. (November 2014)

    From a B2B Mom
  • My experience at Back2Basics has been instrumental in me maintaining long term sobriety. The six month residential program allowed me to give sobriety a chance, as well as heal mentally, emotionally, and physically. The outdoor NAU trips such as the San Juan kayak trip and the Colorado River trip were definitely big highlights in my stay. Participating in the training in those events was tough, but so worth it. The NAU outdoor program was very accommodating to us and provided us with good safe fun. I have been able to experience things I never even considered possible. I also had the chance to travel to Mexico with a select group of guys about two months into my stay. Getting out of the snow and into the warm southern sun was a relief to say the least. I was able to rekindle a lost love for surfing and enjoyed the local cuisine. I can’t thank Graciela and Roy enough for that opportunity of a lifetime.

    Through the long-term portion of B2B I have been able to see myself grow immensely since when I arrived. I was an entitled and immature, and I had no perception of real life. Since then I have been able to realize the true value of working for a dollar, and I believe I have made big leaps with maturity. I was able to overcome some trauma from my past. I have learned how to successfully handle finances and manage my own priorities and commitments in life. Working with Charlie was instrumental in my recovery and with a connection to a higher power of my own understanding. Goals I had for myself coming in were just to manage my using effectively.

    Now I have healthy long term goals such as working towards a degree in restaurant management and living completely independent and self supporting. I have serious goals such as graduate college. Sobriety has enabled me to enjoy work and play as a result of managing priorities in my life. I hope to successfully graduate from Beyond the Basics and continue to live and work in Flagstaff. This is where I received sobriety and this is where I need to be at this point to maintain. Back2Basics has given me more tools than I ever wanted to be a successful member of society.

    Weston (2013) Resident
  • My experience at Back2Basics residential and transition programs has been an interesting one to say the least. Residential was pivotal in bringing me up to speed with all the basic life skills and human interactions that I should have acquired when I was living on my own the four years prior to coming here. Instead of obtaining these basic tools I spent my time honing my skills in every negative facet of my life. Its surprising realizing how clueless one can be when faced with simple tasks such as cooking and cleaning after oneself. Re-learning all these things over again gave me the confidence necessary for me to rediscover what my real passions are, as well as, reveal some new ones. I realize that my passion is to help others caught in their addiction and hopefully help them find what I have. Now it is clear to me what I would like to peruse in my life and also how to set myself up for success on the path to my goals.

    One thing I didn’t expect to discover during my stay here, which turned out to be one of the cornerstones of my sobriety, is how to have fun again. When I arrived I had my prior notions of what sobriety was and what it could be. However, after building relationships with my fellow residents and the staff I realized that sobriety could be enjoyable, and even fun. It was here that I learned how to have a sincere laugh again and have real relationships with people again. I didn’t realize how much I had lost in my addiction until I observed how much I had gained upon graduating the residential program.

    It’s difficult to really put my finger down on the one thing that makes this program work. All I know is that throughout my stay something just clicked and it happened right under my nose. Seeing it happen to others who came after me really solidified my belief that there’s something at work here thats lacking everywhere else. I came here with the simple intention of not wanting to live the way I was ever again and just through being active in the program that intention was fulfilled along with so much more. One of the greatest of which is that now I can call myself a son to my family. Something I couldn’t have said only just a year ago. 

    Brad (2013) Resident
  • I love working with the team at Back2Basics. The hybrid of outdoor treatment and traditional recovery based work is a great combination to get young men grounded and on their way to sustained recovery.

    Brenda Loringer Educational Consultant
  • Over the many years that I have been in clinical practice in the addiction field, I have had the opportunity to work in both short-term residential and outpatient settings. After more than a year of working at Back2Basics as a primary therapist, I realized the genuine benefits of long-term treatment and eventually was offered the administrative role as Clinical Director. With the proper blend of activity, knowledge based and spiritual learning experiences, B2B Residents embrace real change in their lives. From my perspective as the therapist, this incredible assembly of staff and activities opens the door to more successful outcomes. Simply put, clients remain clean and sober!

    John Valvo, MA, LISAC, LPC Clinical Director Back2Basics Outdoor Adventures
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