Beyond the Basics Mission

Beyond the Basics is our transition program at Back2Basics that strives to be an active learning community, which demands an ever deeper understanding and practice of a life guided by the 12 principles. Most of our Back2Basics graduates choose to continue on to Beyond the Basics.


Coaching and Counseling

Beyond the Basics utilizes coaching, counseling and the 12-steps to promote a well rounded, sober lifestyle.  Each individual session is led by a licensed therapist and clinically supervised master’s-level counselors. Beyond the Basics counselors are new to each resident. The goal with counseling here is to do the work necessary to be ready for life on the last day of Beyond the Basics.  Residents will be led by the same therapist(s), throughout a his entire stay .

We will help your son not just be sober, but learn to take his sobriety into the rest of his life.

Transition provides an environment for recent graduates of B2B to practice the tools they have acquired, in a real world setting.

Beyond the Basics Principles

  • Accountability – residents must meet their obligations to not only life beyond the transition house (work, school, etc.), but also their responsibilities to the house and community (cleanliness, curfew, etc.)
  • Integrity – residents will be coached to be men of their word. They will be required to show up for their own lives and recovery (meeting attendance, sponsorship, etc.)
  • Leadership – Residents will be asked to develop self-motivation and be willing to take positions of leadership within the community.
  • Self-support – Residents will be coached to practice financial accountability and management. One of the principle goals of a resident’s stay is to be entirely financially independent upon exit.
  • Transparency – Mistakes are opportunities for residents to learn. We allow the space for our residents to utilize their own decision making skills. We demand the resident to be open to processing both successes and failures with staff and their therapists. Transparency provides an environment where staff and residents can problem solve together free of judgement.
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