Our program goes beyond the basics of traditional drug and alcohol rehab to help every resident develop personal and group accountability, in addition to, responsibility – characteristics that tend to be forgotten or ignored by most active drug addicts and alcoholics.

Residents participate in a series of intensive, life-skill building activities that are tailored specifically for those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction.

Activities include:

  • With the proper blend of activity, knowledge based and spiritual learning experiences, B2B Residents embrace real change in their lives. From my perspective as the therapist, this incredible assembly of staff and activities opens the door to more successful outcomes. Simply put, clients remain clean and sober.

    John Valvo, MA, LISAC, LPC, Clinical Director Back2Basics Outdoor Adventures



Back2Basics Outdoor Adventures uses individual therapy, group therapy, 12-step meetings and community service to promote a well rounded, sober lifestyle. Each individual and group session is led by a licensed therapist and clinically supervised master’s-level counselors. Residents will be led by the same therapist(s), throughout his entire stay at Back2Basics.

Group Therapy

It is best to use the “power of the group” (group involvement) for interventions such as confrontation on specific individual issues, peer pressure, modeling by other members, and personal non-sexual connections. Group therapy is integral to the Back2Basics program.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy sessions can be used to sort out issues within a trusted, non-threatening atmosphere. Individual therapy sessions can also be used to deal with very personal issues. Issues addressed during individual sessions are frequently taken to group, at the individuals discretion.


12-Step Meetings

Common topics would include: individual issues, sobriety, the 12 Steps, defenses, PAW (post acute withdrawal), prevention and signs of relapse, coping skills, spirituality, honesty, self-care and balance. The primary purpose of what we do at Back2Basics is to support a well-rounded, sober lifestyle including daily 12-step meetings and physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. This generally involves a major shift in attitude and lifestyle and requires considerable support by a 12 step community, sponsors, groups, and therapists.

Community Service

Residents participate in community service activities as a method of therapy for recovery. Community service promotes social responsibility and assists in the progress of a sober lifestyle.

Sobriety Checks

To support the recovery process and ensure the wellness of all the residents, Back2Basics administers frequent urine analyses. Relapse can often be part of recovery, however, continued relapse cannot be tolerated for that reason. Continued, health-driven sobriety of each resident is our primary goal.



Back2Basics Outdoor Adventures’ wilderness therapy is a nature-centric approach to drug and alcohol abuse treatment through rigorous outdoor hiking, camping, kayaking, snowboarding, surfing, and more to help residents build strength physically, psychologically and within their sobriety as a whole.

By combining outdoor adventures with traditional therapy and counseling, residents gain an increased understanding of self-concept and self-worth. Residents begin to experience, understand and embrace the physical and emotional benefits, and rid themselves of the harmful behaviors caused by drug abuse and alcohol abuse, which can ultimately lead to a more well-balanced lifestyle.


  • Self-awareness outdoors
  • Community development
  • Bond with nature
  • Connection of mind, body and spirit


While on the “field” with our trained Back2Basics Outdoor Adventure staff, residents are forced to address the natural elements, which develops team building skills, assists in overcoming fear, and gets them physically active.

They are taught and trained in gathering wood for meals and heat, daily water procurement and meal planning and cooking over open fire. We also provide residents with the option to become Wilderness First Responders – an accredited six-week training course and certification that residents can take with them after the program.

Most outdoor adventures are in Arizona, Utah, Colorado, California. Select residents will also have the opportunity to participate in our quarterly cultural immersion trip to Ixtapa-Zijuatanejo, Mexico where they will take Spanish courses, learn to surf, volunteer in local community service projects and participate in daily community/group therapy.

At Back2Basics, recovering addicts go beyond man-made concepts and distractions to discover their own spiritual enlightenment. Our seasoned and credentialed outdoor professionals offer your son the journey of a lifetime!

    Back2Basics Outdoor Adventures - Sycamore Canyon Moab UT
    Back2Basics Outdoor Adventures - Mt Lemmon Tucson AZ
    Back2Basics Outdoor Adventures - Mesa Verde CO
    Back2Basics Outdoor Adventures - Havasupai Falls Grand Canyon AZ
    Back2Basics Outdoor Adventures - Granite Mountain Prescott AZ
    Back2Basics Outdoor Adventures - Fossil Creek AZ
    Back2Basics Outdoor Adventures - Flagstaff Extreme AZ
    Back2Basics Outdoor Adventures - Blue Ridge Reservoir AZ
    Back2Basics Outdoor Adventures - Big Lake White Mountains AZ
    Back2Basics Outdoor Adventures - Arizona Trail AZ


    Hiking & Camping

    • Grand Canyon National Park, AZ
    • Mogollon Rim, AZ
    • Oak Creek Canyon, AZ
    • Sedona, AZ
    • San Francisco Peaks, AZ
    • The Santa Catalina Mountains, Tuscon, AZ
    • The Superstitions, Phoenix, AZ
    • Burro Creek Kingman, AZ
    • The White Mountains, AZ
    • The Arizona Trail
    • Fossil Creek, AZ
    • Hannah Hot Springs, AZ
    • West Clear Creek, AZ
    • East Clear Creek AZ
    • Wet Beaver Creek, AZ
    • Sycamore Canyon Cottonwood, AZ
    • Organ Pipe National Monument, AZ
    • Chevlon Canyon, AZ
    • Mazatzal Wilderness, AZ
    • Tonto National Forest, AZ
    • Agua Fria National Monument, AZ
    • Coconino National Forest, AZ
    • Joshua Tree, CA
    • Steamboat Springs, CO
    • Mesa Verde, CO
    • Red Rocks, NV
    • Arizona Hot Springs, NV
    New Mexico
    • Gila National Forest, NM
    • Zion National Park, UT
    • Moab, UT
    • Canyonlands, UT
    • The Abajos, UT
    • Arches National Park, UT
    • Manti La Sal National Forest, CO/UT
    • Natural Bridges National Monument, UT
    • Escalante National Monument, UT

    White Water River Rafting

    • Colorado River
    • San Juan River
    • Salt River
    • Verde River


    • Lake Powell


    • Blue Ridge Reservoir
    • Lake Meade, NV


    • Mexico



    One of the most critical measurements of treatment success begins the day individuals step foot out our doors and are faced with the question, “O.K. Now what?”.

    Our life skill building is designed to help individuals discover their unique and purposeful place in the world. To this end, residents will be coached in life skills and the habituation of the lifelong pursuit of character development. Our holistic approach stresses green-minded, productive lifestyles and vocations in which the symbiotic relationship with the environment, the community and economic realities are practiced.

    Back2Basics provides the support and guidance needed to avoid falling into the pitfalls of old habits and behaviors. We strive to equip our residents with the tools and purposeful goals necessary to carve out productive and satisfying lives in the world beyond our doors – a world in which success is measured in years and lifetimes of sobriety. The joy of witnessing long-term sobriety and highly functioning members of society is our greatest reward.


    Independence Education 

    In-house curricula fuels the fundamentals of independent living through the emphasis placed on self support. Residents learn how to create a budget, efficiently shop for groceries, and produce healthy and economical meals for any occasion. Residents develop time management skills through creating and following through on schedules. Residents are allowed the opportunity to earn money through Back2Basics in order to buy their own personal items. No more relying on Mom and Dad!

    Home Life

    Responsible for the care and maintenance of the home and campus properties. This includes developing and maintaining gardens, practicing recycling and composting practices, participating in home weather projects, assisting in do-it-yourself home improvement projects, and much more. Practical life skills are very important in helping residents become self-sufficient individuals.

    Career Counseling

    Back2Basics offers one-on-one career counseling sessions aimed at uncovering vocational strengths and goals. Residents are provided with tools and resources necessary to succeed, and a coach to lead them through their process.


    Higher Education

    Back2Basics residents have the opportunity to pursue undergraduate classes at Northern Arizona University and Coconino Community College. These institutions can be utilized to work towards a bachelors degree.

    Volunteer Activities

    Residents participate in community service projects including cooking and serving meals at the Flagstaff Family Food Center, volunteering at the Flagstaff food bank, and much more. Residents also participate in community and environmental restoration projects, such as Back2Basics own “Adopt-a-Highway” and campsite restoration.


    Back2Basics is highly immersed throughout the Flagstaff professional community. Residents have the opportunity to work closely with various businesses in order to get experience in the professional world. Whether it be roasting coffee beans at Late For the Train coffee warehouse, or whipping up a recipe at a hot new restaurant like Fat Olives, Back2Basics can help kick start the vocational process.



    In order to help people recover, it is important to understand the impact of nutrition. Back2Basics residents are fed healthy to become healthy. They learn about the role nutrition plays with their recovery and how to maintain a healthy diet.

    The Back2Basics residents will work as a kitchen team and rotate purchasing, planning, and cooking for their residences.

    Back2Basics residents will learn

    • how to prepare their own healthy, nutritious, and tasty meals
    • practice sanitation
    • implement nutrition knowledge
    • plan menus
    • learn different cooking skills
    • learn knife skills
    • learn proper cooking methods

    The Back2Basics Culinary Program includes

    • Food Production Classes
    • Health and Sanitation
    • Purchasing
    • Restaurant Management
    • Dining Room Presentation/Catering Services
    • Menu Planning
    • Kitchen Management


    Addicts are malnourished

    Addicts experience a sense of fullness having eaten very little or nothing due to “empty calories” of alcohol or drug side effects. Alcohol and drugs also keep the body from properly absorbing and breaking down nutrients and expelling toxins. All this leads to poor eating habits, malnutrition, and a host of health problems.

    Restoring addicts to physical health

    The essence of addiction recovery is changing negative behaviors into positive ones. Learning to make healthy food choices is important to achieving a healthy lifestyle.

    Addicts have a special need for foods that are high in nutrients to rebuild damaged tissues, organs, and regain appropriate functioning of the various systems such as the nervous and gastrointestinal systems.

    Nutrition impacts cravings for drugs and alcohol

    Newly recovering addicts struggle with cravings to use alcohol and drugs. Research has shown that a diet with the right types of high protein and high carbohydrate-rich foods can make a big difference.

    Alcohol and drug use prevents the body from properly processing important amino acids that are essential for emotional stability, mental clarity, and a general state of well-being.

    At Back2Basics, we implement a diet rich in these amino acids and reduce foods (such as sugar and caffeine) that can contribute to mood swings.



    Back2Basics Outdoor Adventures incorporates exercise as an integral part to drug addiction and alcohol abuse recovery.

    Current relapse prevention models suggest that addicts in the early stages of recovery (first year of sobriety) can benefit immensely from minutes of exercise daily, getting their heart rate up to 70% of its maximum heart rate.

    Exercise helps generate the dopamine levels in the brain, which may have been depleted through heavy drug and alcohol use and abuse.


    • Increases the metabolic rate so that calories are burned more efficiently even when at rest.
    • Burns fat stores and builds up muscle tissue. Muscle cells are metabolically active and burn calories, whereas fat cells are inert.
    • Increases free fatty acids, which better enable the body to process and utilize dietary fats.
    • Decreases total serum cholesterol and increased levels of high-density lipoproteins (HDLs), the “good fats” associated with lower risk of heart disease.
    • Lowers blood pressure
    • Increases the levels of mood-elevating neurochemicals–such as the endorphins, so that we feel better mentally as well as physically.

    Aerobic exercises are those that cause the body to use large amounts of oxygen (and burn calories) and prompt the heart and pulse rate to rise through steady, constant movement. Aerobic exercises tend to involve the large muscle groups, such as those of the legs and arms. Examples include: walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, rowing, step training, cross country skiing, stair climbing, and other active sports such as tennis or volleyball.

    Anaerobic exercise develops muscular strength and flexibility and without necessarily increasing the pulse or heart rate. Anaerobic exercises include weight training and calisthenics.


    Flagstaff Athletic Club

    Back2Basics goal in working with the Flagstaff Athletic Club, to ensure residents have the most experienced professionals available when participating in regular gym-type exercise activities. The Flagstaff Athletic Club works with residents directly in a safe, healthy, constructive environment. Use of free weights and cardio machines allow residents to begin to gain a sense of self-confidence.

    Qigong/Kung Fu

    Studies suggest that a healthy holistic exercise and nutrition plan will increase the prospect of long term sobriety.  There are daily Qigong classes – literally translated as “energy work“– which is an ancient system of health promotion and maintenance that blends movement, breath, posture and intention.

    As a principle tenant of Chinese Medicine, qigong is similar to the notion of therapeutic exercise within Western biomedicine and yoga within Indian ayurvedic medicine. This coordinated integration of the human experience, generated from long term qigong practice, enhances well-being and yields many health benefits including enhanced functioning of the body’s cardiovascular, respiratory, immune, neurological, and muscular-skeletal systems. Qigong practice has also been noted to enhance feelings of calm and focus, as well as improve the general psychology of the practitioner.

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