Back2Basics Residency Application

To apply for residency with Back2Basics, download and fill out the Residential Treatment Admission form either on your computer or in writing, and email it to or fax it to our office at (928) 774-4126.

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The accuracy of the information in each section of the application helps us at Back2Basics effectively understand and meet your needs.

All information is kept confidential.

Tuition costs approximately $9,500 per month, for the six-month program.

We are a self-pay sober living community.

Back 2 Basics Outdoor Adventure Therapy Brochure

What is included in the cost of the program?

Residential and Domestic Needs
Housing, staff availability 24/7, full kitchen services, groceries, toiletries, and transportation.

Therapeutic Needs
Includes the cost for weekly one-on-one therapy sessions with our experienced and professional therapists, in addition to our daily process and therapist lead groups.

Outdoor Adventure
Outdoor gear, Travel/Transportation, Food/Water, Training, First-Aid/Safety, Permits.

Educational Needs
Includes the participation in all on- and off-site vocational training,  on-site sustainable gardening, weekly on-site culinary class, and weekly on-site writing class.

Legal Needs
It also covers the cost for arraignment fees with the courts and/or probation offices to have the resident work extra hours and earn funds to help payback restitution fines.

Community Involvement
Group outings, 12-step conferences, retreats, seminars and community service.

Daily Fitness
Full access to the local Flagstaff Athletic Club (full amenities at gym), weekly Kung Fu class and other daily physical fitness and recreation.


20140922_141736Other Questions

Will My Loved One Be Able To Continue Schooling?

We believe education is one of the cornerstones to becoming a productive, sober adult. Back2Basics residents have the option of completing their degree at local Northern Arizona University or Coconino Community College. For more questions regarding higher education within the program please give us a call. To learn more about our Education Program at Back2Basics click here.

Can Back2Basics Accommodate Court-Ordered Needs?

Our admissions specialist can assist with court-ordered stipulations. After we have gone through the admission process, our assessment and admissions team will be able to contact the probation officer or court to adhere the court mandates.

  • My experience at Back2Basics has been instrumental in me maintaining long term sobriety. The six month residential program allowed me to give sobriety a chance, as well as heal mentally, emotionally, and physically. The outdoor NAU trips such as the San Juan kayak trip and the Colorado River trip were definitely big highlights in my stay. Participating in the training in those events was tough, but so worth it. The NAU outdoor program was very accommodating to us and provided us with good safe fun. I have been able to experience things I never even considered possible. I also had the chance to travel to Mexico with a select group of guys about two months into my stay. Getting out of the snow and into the warm southern sun was a relief to say the least. I was able to rekindle a lost love for surfing and enjoyed the local cuisine. I can’t thank Graciela and Roy enough for that opportunity of a lifetime.

    Through the long-term portion of B2B I have been able to see myself grow immensely since when I arrived. I was an entitled and immature, and I had no perception of real life. Since then I have been able to realize the true value of working for a dollar, and I believe I have made big leaps with maturity. I was able to overcome some trauma from my past. I have learned how to successfully handle finances and manage my own priorities and commitments in life. Working with Charlie was instrumental in my recovery and with a connection to a higher power of my own understanding. Goals I had for myself coming in were just to manage my using effectively.

    Now I have healthy long term goals such as working towards a degree in restaurant management and living completely independent and self supporting. I have serious goals such as graduate college. Sobriety has enabled me to enjoy work and play as a result of managing priorities in my life. I hope to successfully graduate from Beyond the Basics and continue to live and work in Flagstaff. This is where I received sobriety and this is where I need to be at this point to maintain. Back2Basics has given me more tools than I ever wanted to be a successful member of society.

    Weston (2013) Resident
  • My experience at Back2Basics residential and transition programs has been an interesting one to say the least. Residential was pivotal in bringing me up to speed with all the basic life skills and human interactions that I should have acquired when I was living on my own the four years prior to coming here. Instead of obtaining these basic tools I spent my time honing my skills in every negative facet of my life. Its surprising realizing how clueless one can be when faced with simple tasks such as cooking and cleaning after oneself. Re-learning all these things over again gave me the confidence necessary for me to rediscover what my real passions are, as well as, reveal some new ones. I realize that my passion is to help others caught in their addiction and hopefully help them find what I have. Now it is clear to me what I would like to peruse in my life and also how to set myself up for success on the path to my goals.

    One thing I didn’t expect to discover during my stay here, which turned out to be one of the cornerstones of my sobriety, is how to have fun again. When I arrived I had my prior notions of what sobriety was and what it could be. However, after building relationships with my fellow residents and the staff I realized that sobriety could be enjoyable, and even fun. It was here that I learned how to have a sincere laugh again and have real relationships with people again. I didn’t realize how much I had lost in my addiction until I observed how much I had gained upon graduating the residential program.

    It’s difficult to really put my finger down on the one thing that makes this program work. All I know is that throughout my stay something just clicked and it happened right under my nose. Seeing it happen to others who came after me really solidified my belief that there’s something at work here thats lacking everywhere else. I came here with the simple intention of not wanting to live the way I was ever again and just through being active in the program that intention was fulfilled along with so much more. One of the greatest of which is that now I can call myself a son to my family. Something I couldn’t have said only just a year ago. 

    Brad (2014) Resident
  • B2B has made an extremely positive difference in our lives as a family and specifically for our son Thomas. It has been a positive experience from start to finish. B2B has allowed Thomas to live in a safe and structured environment and providing the support necessary to maintain his sobriety after leaving a wilderness program.

    B2B was very caring and expedient during the admissions process. When bringing our son to B2B, we were only there for a matter of an hour or two. Paperwork at the office and then to the house where he would be spending the next 6 months. I felt really good about the house and the people we were leaving our son with.

    We went back to Flagstaff about 1/2 way through the program for a family workshop. It was a very meaningful and productive visit. We spent quite a bit of time at the house for meals and got to know the staff and residents. Everyone made us feel so genuinely welcome and at home. B2B is a family owned business and the residents become part of that family while they are there.

    My son is still the same person, but at the same time he is someone I don’t recognize. He has worked hard to make positive changes in his whole life with the support, compassion and caring of B2B. When he came home for a family visit, the 1st thing he did was find a 12 step meeting for the next day and at the dinner table I asked if anyone would like to say grace, he immediately stepped up, something I wasn’t expecting.

    Thomas has come a long way and I really have to thank B2B for his journey. B2B certainly has our recommendation for a top notch sober living & outdoor adventure program. I truly believe that if Thomas had come home immediately after wilderness he would not be where he is today.

    Kathy & Thomas Parents
  • I hope you and your family are having a wonderful holiday. Jan and I spent Christmas with Brandon in Flagstaff, AZ. The transformation in his personality and motivation has been Truly remarkable. He will shortly complete the 6 month program and will be returning to school. For the foreseeable future, he intends to remain in Flagstaff because as he put it, that is where his support system is already in place. Brandon has a sponsor and has made new friends who are involved in and committed to pursuing a life of sobriety. Even though we know that Brandon still has a lot of hard work ahead of him, the turn around so far is nothing short of an answer to our prayers. Thank you for helping us find this program.

    Anonymous B2B Parents of Brandon Parents
  • I love working with the team at Back2Basics. The hybrid of outdoor treatment and traditional recovery based work is a great combination to get young men grounded and on their way to sustained recovery.

    Brenda Loringer B2B Educational Consultant
  • With the proper blend of activity, knowledge based and spiritual learning experiences, B2B Residents embrace real change in their lives. From my perspective as the therapist, this incredible assembly of staff and activities opens the door to more successful outcomes. Simply put, clients remain clean and sober.

    John Valvo, MA, LISAC, LPC, Clinical Director Back2Basics Outdoor Adventures
  • It’s been a year of growth and healing for John* and our family.  Thank you for caring for him in the way that only professionals with your knowledge, compassion and experience can.  I hated to admit my limitations as a mother, but I knew we couldn’t give John what he needed.  He’s healthy, happy and ready for the next chapter thanks to your tough love and support.   I can’t express how grateful I am that you were there for us as we stumbled through a scary and unfamiliar road. (November 2014)

    From a B2B Mom Parents
  • By the time my son entered the program at Back2Basics his life was spiraling out of his control. He couldn’t hold a steady job or complete school, staying out all night, sleeping all day, he was irritable all the time, nothing was fair, he was always asking for money, or finding a way to get it. He never spent time with the family and was always making excuses for things. Why the car was totaled, why he had no money and needed more, why he had so many motor vehicle tickets. His friends from high school were no longer around and he was hanging with known drug users. The “sketchy behavior” as I called it, was to a point that I could no longer let it go on or he was going to end up in jail or dead. Not to mention what it was doing to the rest of the family. We had tried out-patient rehab and a traditional rehab, and neither worked.

    I spoke to a friend who mentioned adventure rehab had worked for her nephew. I started looking into it and stumbled across Back2Basics. I called and immediately spoke to Roy. He was honest, down to earth, and had an opening. I told my son about it and although he wasn’t too excited  I knew he didn’t want to live the life he was, and couldn’t quit on his own.  I put him on the plane and prayed it would work. The staff was great and kept me posted.

    My son was not the easiest person to deal with. He had experienced a lot of trauma by the age of 16, more than most do in a life time. He started to use to hide and kill the pain. He no longer trusted anyone. He didn’t  believe in himself or that life was important.  He had been to many therapists and no one could break through his tough exterior.  He had a large chip on his shoulder and it was his way or the highway. He also has a presence about himself, which is a blessing and a curse.

    The staff helped him to trust, open up,  believe in others and himself. This was not an easy road and at times I didn’t think he was going to finish the program. This helped him to realize life was important. He met his therapist, Charlie Horton, who I say is a true angel. How Charlie was able to get through to my son I still don’t know, but thank God every day for him.

    From B2B Parents Parents
  • I've had the opportunity to consult with companies in 36 countries around the world with the goal of trying to make a positive difference worldwide. Back2Basics is the first company that I have witnessed who truly has risen to the top and exhibits the essence of this same goal within their own culture. They strive to make a positive and lasting difference in young men's live... men who are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol.

    These men, once they go through the B2B program, learn to create this positive and lasting change within themselves so they can live a life of sobriety. As they graduate and transition, they leave the B2B program ingrained with the same goal of continuing to make a positive difference not only in their life, but in the lives of others they meet along their journey. It is amazing to see them pay it forward and impact their family and friends!

    Debra Roedl B2B Marketing Consultant
  • My experience at Back2Basics was instrumental for me and my sobriety. I met some amazing people along the way that helped me become a better son, brother, and friend. The staff as well as my fellow residents were there ever step of the way to help support me on my journey to sobriety.

    I arrived at Back2Basics May 16, 2015 at first I was extremely nervous and scared because I honesty didn't know what to expect or what exactly I was getting myself into. When I got here I was hopeless and I had run out of options, getting sober was the only thing that I knew I could do to have a better life. On arrival I was met at the door by all the residents and staff, everyone was very friendly and willing to help me in anyway that they could. I will never forget my first outdoor trip although I was still not feeling 100% I remember the drive to Moab, Utah, seeing Arches National Park and going paddle board because it was the first time that I realized that I could have and be happy while sober. Although it wasn't all fun and games, I was forced to look at myself for the very first time and actually deal with my issues instead of mask them with drugs and alcohol. During my time at Back2Basics I had some of the best and toughest times of my life but no matter what the community and the staff were always there to support me as well as showing me that there is a better way to live than how I had been living prior to coming to Back2Basics.

    Today Back2Basics is truly a second family to me and I will always be grateful to have been afforded the opportunity to come to such an amazing program because they have given me my life back and more.

    Logan Brown (2016) Resident
  • Over the many years that I have been in clinical practice in the addiction field, I have had the opportunity to work in both short-term residential and outpatient settings. After more than a year of working at Back2Basics as a primary therapist, I realized the genuine benefits of long-term treatment and eventually was offered the administrative role as Clinical Director. With the proper blend of activity, knowledge based and spiritual learning experiences, B2B Residents embrace real change in their lives. From my perspective as the therapist, this incredible assembly of staff and activities opens the door to more successful outcomes. Simply put, clients remain clean and sober!

    John Valvo, MA, LISAC, LPC Clinical Director Back2Basics Outdoor Adventures
  • I was in a pretty dark place before I got to B2B. Nearly ruined every important relationship I had with family and friends.

    I knew things have gotten to the point where I needed some serious help. Having seen what addiction has done to my family from a different perspective guided me to accepting help. The idea of being in a 6 month treatment center is daunting and seemed quite scary coming into it. Looking back on my 6 month stay, I can honestly say now, it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

    Learned to take criticism from my pears and staff guiding me to see what work I needed to do on myself. I used to laugh when people said this program saved their lives, but now I can honestly say it has saved mine and built relationships back up with my family in a stronger way than ever. Now being in the transitional phase of B2B gives me the opportunity to put all the work I have done to the test in the real world.

    There is always work to be done, glad to say i am in a place that helps me continue that work.

    Chris M (Jan 2017) Resident
  • As a parent who was close to every stage of my son’s decline into and continuing climb out of addiction I write this testimony with the mind set of, I wish I knew then what I know now. You are reading this most likely because you are facing the same crises that all parents face when the reality of addiction becomes impossible to ignore. All the denying, bargaining and depression that our loved one can somehow will his way out of this nightmare becomes painfully impossible. This was the time that as a parent I tried to become an expert in the recovery of addiction. I read online reviews with recovery rate statistics, with philosophies on how best to obtain relapse prevention, etc. My sons experience was, many rehabs with good, well meaning, caring individuals lead to the same result, relapse. Along this journey I became aware of the difference between relief and recovery.

    By the time B2B came to my attention, by the way of God’s blessing, I knew the first step in recovery was a willingness to change, this is only accomplished internally by the addict. The first thing that I discovered about B2B in the intake interview was they are experts in accessing this crucial first step and picked up over the phone interview some of my son’s blind spots that had led to relapses in past treatment centers, thankfully, with some concern they agreed to admit him. You need to be confident that the recovery of the addict, not the relief of the parent or profit incentive of B2B, is the first priority of B2B.

    Once in treatment my son started to do what he had done in previous rehabs, he started to “do his time” in order to get through another program and move on. The difference this time was B2B, due to their level of experience, their professionalism, their genuine care for my son, they would have none of it. As my son has said on several occasions, they cared enough to hold him accountable to allow himself to observe, both his positive and negative attributes. This “loving confrontation” combine with the outdoor activities challenged my son to face weaknesses and develop strengths to overcome some very negative perceptions that come with addiction.

    In my opinion this experience at B2B became not only a time of great growth and maturity in my son but also a time that showed him life can be fun again. The hopefulness restored during his stay was a great joy to observe as a parent.

    That said, I believe the strongest asset of B2B in my opinion, is their commitment to the program of Alcoholics Anonymous. Through some of the staff’s personal journeys, B2B has the ability to walk the client through the steps that lead to a program of recovery. B2B mirrors the service to others as examples that I am convinced is the model for long term sobriety.

    Grateful Parent - Tom Z. Parents
  • Our family and son are in a more purposeful and peaceful place today because of Back2Basics. Our way of life was turned upside down due to our sons addiction. Roy and every staff member at B2B have been responsible for steering our son back to his true self through the structure at B2B. What they do works, and it's within a homelike environment with truly caring individuals looking out for our sons well being.

    There are 6 other boys in our neighborhood who a year later are either in jail, in and out of 30 day treatments centers, back on the streets, or dead. We are so glad we listened to the professionals and went the full year, first 6 months, then the 6 months sober living environment B2B provides. Our son will be graduating, but remaining in the wonderful recovery community within Flagstaff. He's looking forward to continuing to work, attend college, and live up to the potential he was born with.

    Daniel F. Parents
  • Prior to coming to B2B, my life was in shambles. I had very few meaningful relationships, my family didn’t trust me, I was unreliable, I couldn’t hold a job for long, and I could not stop using drugs. Five years ago, I went to a high end 30 day treatment center. Six days after my release I got my first DUI. I was pampered at that rehab, but none of my real issues were uncovered, in essence it was just an expensive detox. B2B offered me a different experience. The outdoor aspect allowed me to connect to nature and apart of myself that I have not known for a long time. It helped me learn to rely on myself and build confidence in my abilities. It also showed me the beauty and fun of the world I had not seen in the years of heavy drug use. The residential side of the program offered me growth through the individual, and group therapy. I was able to dig in to my deep seeded issues, and work on them. My peers called me out on my flaws and helped keep me honest, (something I struggled with when I was using.) I was also able to work on my cleanliness, my cooking, and my general health. I found old passions and developed new ones.

    While I was not crazy about the program being six months, I have come to realize that it was my best option for long term sobriety. In fact, I also agreed to do the transitional living faze, which I am currently still in. A lot has changed for me since being here. One of the biggest things for me is that I have a great relationship with my parents again. I have always been close to them, but after years of using, our relationship suffered immensely. They and I thought that our relationship could never be the same. After our family weekend and a few other visits, I know that what we thought is true. I don’t want to sound corny and I am not getting a discount for saying this, but I believe if I continue to work on myself, my relationship with them and the rest of my family can be better than it has ever been.

    Tyler H (Feb 2017) Resident
  • Working for Back2Basics for the last few years has given me the opportunity to see the transformative power this group of caring individuals has had on so many lives. To see residents enter this program with no hope for a future and leave equipped with not only the motivation to succeed, but the tools needed to make it in the world is truly one of the greatest experiences. I am honored to be a part of this program.

    Carly Banks Media Coordinator
  • I was in a pretty dark place before I got to B2B. Nearly ruined every important relationship I had with family and friends. Now being in the transitional phase of B2B gives me the opportunity to put all the work I have done to the test in the real world. There is always work to be done, glad to say i am in a place that helps me continue that work.

    Chris M Resident
  • I love working with the team at Back2Basics. The hybrid of outdoor treatment and traditional recovery based work is a great combination to get young men grounded and on their way to sustained recovery.

    Brenda Loringer B2B Educational Consultant
  • It’s been a year of growth and healing for our son and our family.  Thank you B2B for caring for him in the way that only professionals with your knowledge, compassion and experience can.  I hated to admit my limitations as a mother, but I knew we couldn’t give him what he needed.  He’s healthy, happy and ready for the next chapter thanks to your tough love and support.   I can’t express how grateful I am that you were there for us.

    From a B2B Mom Parents
  • My experience at Back2Basics was something unlike anything I had ever known. Life prior to Back2Basics was filled with pain, despair, and doubt. However, when I left Back2Basics in early March of 2017, my life was radically different.

    I was born just outside of Boston, Massachusetts in May of 1993. Some of my earliest memories are of living with a crippling sense of social anxiety and feelings of social ostracism, but those memories are mixed with various moments of contentment and joy. I found my peace as a kid when I was playing sports, enjoying the outdoors, and reading. I always excelled in these venues, as well as academically.

    Everything began to change during my sixth grade year in elementary school. My father and my grandmother died that year, and I also almost died due to complications from an appendectomy. At this point, all of my feelings of inferiority, anxiety, and isolation began to accelerate and did so until I found drugs and alcohol. Once I found liquor and drugs, I learned that all those feelings could be shut away and I spent the next eight years hunting that fleeting feeling of inner peace that intoxication provided.

    And it worked. For a long time I felt happy with myself, but bit-by-bit that began to deteriorate. The false bravado that I had created for myself started to fail as I began to receive social and legal consequences ranging from arrests to expulsion from my college of choice. Eventually, I found myself using drugs just to function and liquor just to stay “sane”. Then, I broke.

    For me, that looked like an inability to work enough to support myself. It looked like a deep depression that made a bottle, my bed, and a television the only things I could appreciate. When I woke in the morning, it was nearly impossible to leave my bed, and I cursed a God I didn’t believe in for keeping me on this earth; and I couldn’t see any connection to drugs and alcohol.

    Eventually, my roommates kicked me out and my parents offered me rehab as an alternative. I chose to go to a twenty-one day program in Connecticut because I felt trapped, but I had no intention and no desire to be sober. After beginning to sober up and discovering the bond that people searching to change their lives together experience, I began to come around to the concept of temporary sobriety. At this point, my parents asked me to stay in rehab for 100 days, as they had read some article on neuroscience that supported this mark as the point at which the brain truly begins to heal. I left my life behind, recognizing the opportunity that starting fresh presented, and I traveled to Arizona to join Back2Basics. There began my actual immersion into sobriety.

    Back2Basics combined almost everything that I wanted to incorporate into my life into their weekly schedule. Yoga, athletics, workout programs, a culinary program, and an immersive outdoor program; these were a part of my weekly and daily life, and they helped me to completely buy in to the Back2Basics process. It wasn’t ever easy. I constantly found myself challenged by my peers in communities and group therapies, and I had to confront my inner demons as I began to learn that these confrontations all came from a place of love. I learned how to trust the men that I went through program with as I listened to them unrelentingly question my motives and my actions with the hope of helping me grow.

    Slowly, I grew an internal confidence, something I have never had before, as I preserved through miles and miles of hiking, desperately waiting for the next water source. And that confidence only grew during the transitional living program, as I failed time and again in my attempts to live real life my way, but worked with the staff to learn from my mistakes with the hope simply to improve the next time life threw me a curveball.

    By the end of my year in Back2Basics, I learned how to start loving myself and began to start loving other people. This is the greatest gift anyone can ever receive, and Back2Basics led me there. For this gift, I will always be grateful to Back2Basics.

    Ian McNamara (Mar 2017) Resident
  • My 21 year old son completed the six month program at Back 2 Basics (“B2B”) and then attended the transition program, Beyond the Basics, for six more months.

    It is hard to put into words how thankful I am for this fantastic rehabilitation program that saved my son’s life. Roy and all of the staff that run this program understand addiction and they can help a person learn to live a sober and happy life. The emphasis is not to simply avoid their addictions… but rather it is to guide the men to learn how to enjoy life without drugs and alcohol.

    The outdoor adventure aspect of the program was a perfect fit for my son who is an outdoor enthusiast and adrenaline junkie. I found the people in charge of the program are good people who care and are compassionate and understanding with both the addict and his family. They were able to give concrete solutions to the issues that can trip up addicts and put them back into relapse. My son learned to work a 12 step program and has had two different sponsors who have helped him during difficult times. The best part of the program is the sense of community among the graduates of the program. Some of the graduates continue to work for the program and many remain in the area to be a part of the recovery community.

    This network of young men enjoying life in recovery serves as a huge support to the men in treatment and for those transitioning out of Beyond the Basics into independent living. My son was most certainly destined for jail or the morgue and now he is thriving in his second year of college. Not only is he making good grades in college, he is working and living with other former graduates from B2B. He has matured so much since his sobriety and as the years pass, I now see the happy and grounded son I lost so many years ago to addiction. I highly recommend this program as sending my son to B2B has proven to be one of the best decisions I have made for my son’s future.

    From a Grateful B2B Mom Parents
  • When I am thinking about inpatient treatment for a young adult man, the first place I ask families to consider is Back2Basics Outdoor Adventures in Flagstaff, AZ. Founder and owner, Roy DuPrez, M.Ed operates a clinically sound and thoughtful program geared to the need all young men have for a sense of adventure, in addition to a therapeutic environment.

    Often, a young man who is trouble with drugs and/or alcohol has not fully developed a clear and competent identity apart from his addiction; nor has he explored and expanded on his own strengths, gifts and talents. When he becomes a resident at Back2Basics, he will begin the task of arresting his addiction as he stretches and learns to become competent in the outdoors, work as a trusted team member, and develop the social and emotional skills needed to be successful in his life beyond treatment.

    Roy and the other male staff members are excellent role members as healthy and mature men, who know how to live with integrity in sobriety, bring forward their own gifts and talents, and have fun and adventure at the same time. The women on the staff provide a real world balance to the mostly male environment. All model appropriate boundaries, while maintaining a good sense of humor, which is essential in treatment and in life.

    I highly recommend this excellent program.

    Sonnee D. Weedn, Ph.D. Professional
  • I recently went through the Back2Basics program to try and get help for my addiction to heroin and cocaine.

    As a male in my early twenties, it was easy for me to compare my behavior and drug use to the crowd I had been around for the last few years but it eventually got to the point where I needed help.

    With the support of my parents, I was able to come to Back2Basics. I had been to treatment before so I had some skepticism about what would make this time any different but I knew I didn't have any other options. I was greeted by an incredibly supportive group of guys that seemed to all share a common goal of sobriety, something which I hadn't experienced with treatment centers in the past.

    As a naturally shy and introverted person, I had some anxiety of living with new people and making new friends but the more I opened up, the more I realized I had in common with the guys around me.

    Looking back on it now, one of my favorite parts of the program was the outdoor aspect. I was a boy scout growing up and going out on the trips helped me find and reconnect with that inner-child in me that I thought I had lost a long time ago. A specific moment that stands out to me was laying under the stars in Zion National Park on one of those trips and experiencing what I call serenity today, for the first time in many years.

    Another incredibly beneficial part of the program for me was the family workshops I did throughout my stay. My parents were in the middle of a divorce and my therapist navigated that situation in a way where I could reconnect with both of them, as well as my older brother and take the steps necessary to rebuild and strengthen my relationship with them. I now have a better relationship with my family then I could've ever imagined and I get to be a part of their lives again and do the things that I had previously sacrificed due to my using.

    I am now in the second phase of the program, "Beyond the Basics," and get to apply the tools I learned in residential to starting a new life for myself. I have rekindled old passions, found new ones and set myself on the path to a successful and happy life, something which seemed impossible just a mere 9 months ago.

    Back2basics has not only given me the tools I need to achieve that, but has helped me find true friends and a sober community to help me continue forward in my sobriety.

    Erik Resident
  • Before Back2Basics I was in a really rough spot in life. I knew something needed to change in myself but I did not know how to do so, or even how to address the issue. Once I was ready to try to change my life style and become open to help B2B was there for me. My one year stay at B2B was a challenging learning experience, which resulted in a huge opportunity for growth. The outdoor experience, therapy, and the transition program helped me learn and grow into a fulfilling life worth living. The experiences had and relationships made at B2B were exactly what I needed to get back on track with my life and my family.

    Ian F Resident
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